Lumen Research launches new carbon measurement tool


Lumen Research, the global attention technology adtech, has launched a new carbon measurement tool with Scope3.

The aim of the new product is to create a powerful way to track the carbon cost of digital advertising across the funnel and allow advertisers to target high attention/low carbon ad inventory.

Carbon measurement for advertisers

The new solution will enable advertisers and agencies to combine impression-level attention estimates provided by the Lumen measurement tag with carbon emissions estimates from Scope3, the end to-end emissions measurement company for the media and advertising supply chain.

By integrating Scope3’s powerful website and delivery emissions data into the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform (LAMP), Lumen can now offer a clear view of the environmental impact of every ad campaign in comparison to the overall attention generated.

The combination of the two company’s datasets enables advertisers and their agencies to identify high attention/low carbon ad inventory – boosting business impact while reducing the carbon footprint of a campaign.

“Unseen ads are yet another example of waste in the ad ecosystem. They don’t drive marketer outcomes, but they pollute the atmosphere just the same,” said Brian O’Kelley, co-founder and CEO, Scope3.

“Combining carbon measurement data with attention estimates presents a clear opportunity for advertisers.

“Using Scope3 and Lumen data to identify high attention and low carbon ad inventory advertisers can reduce waste and drive better campaign results while lessening their impact on the planet.”

The LAMP Dashboard reports in real time the carbon per impression, carbon per attentive impression, and carbon per recalled impressions all in one easy-to-use screen alongside total carbon emissions, attentive seconds, and more, helping measure the true ‘carbon cost of attention’ and shift budgets towards greener, more attentive inventory.

Clients such as Havas Media Group have already seen the benefits of working together with Scope3 and Lumen.

“As the Meaningful Media Agency, Havas Media Group is committed to earning people’s attention and building meaningful connections with brands”, said Jon Waite, Global Managing Director, Mx Development, Havas Media Group.

“Our proprietary data has demonstrated that better quality, high-attention media delivers better results for brands, and we are consistently working with partners to create metrics that can accurately assess the attention and quality of each media placement”.

“As stewards of our clients’ brands, we have a responsibility to deliver a holistic view of the impact of their marketing activities.

“The integration of Scope3’s carbon emissions dataset into the Lumen Attention Measurement Dashboard demonstrates the connection between attention and sustainability and allows us to optimise for media placements that deliver for brands, people, and the planet.”

Mike Follett, CEO of Lumen Research, said: “By integrating Scope3’s carbon emissions technology with the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform, we are enabling advertisers to better understand how to make climate-friendly and business-friendly decisions”.

“We’re hoping that this is the first step in a journey to make a low carbon, high attention, high impact internet.”