Lumen Research and TVision announce global partnership


Lumen Research, the global attention technology company, has announced a new partnership with TVision, the leading solution for CTV and linear TV attention measurement.

TVision’s TV and CTV attention metrics will be integrated with the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform and optimise media buying with an attention model based on Lumen’s predictive eye-tracking technology.

Through this new partnership, TVision and Lumen customers can measure TV and CTV performance based on a standardised set of cross-channel attention metrics including view time, total views, attention per second, and attentive cost per impression for every campaign, ad format, and partner.

This allows advertisers to understand the true return on investment of TV and CTV campaigns in the context of other media investments through a single set of metrics while gaining unique insights into every audience’s on-screen attention.

When TV and CTV investments can be measured by attention metrics, advertisers can use the Lumen Attention Measurement Dashboard to tag every impression in a campaign and integrate these cross-channel metrics into programmatic CTV advertising powered by predictive attention models proven to drive higher ad efficiency, brand recall, and return on ad spend.

Each attention model is based on brand-specific attention signals, not just segments, and continuously optimises media buying based on those signals in order to drive the best outcomes for each brand.

Lumen and TVIsion’s new partnership offers a number of innovative attention technology solutions for TV and CTV buyers, including:

  • CTV and Linear TV Attention Audits: Analyse historic campaign performance to understand your cost of attention per impression, establishing a new actionable metric with an attentive cost per impression (aCPM) that can optimise media for attention-first advertising
  • Ad Creative Optimisation: Access media and creative performance data across a network of 3,000+ TV advertisers with TVision’s Ad Scoreboard to see what ad creative works best, while visualising the consumer visual journey across your own ad creative through heatmaps, view orders, and gazeplots with Lumen’s Spotlight creative optimisation and eye-tracking solution.
  • Attentive Private Marketplaces (aPMP): Buy the media that drives the most attention for your brand across premium partners with real-time aPMPs that learn and improve your ad delivery based on dynamic attention signals informed by how audiences pay attention to CTV and video content.

“TVision has been a trusted partner of ours for years and this new partnership marks a milestone in our relationship,” said Mike Follett, CEO at Lumen.

“By combining the power of our predictive attention datasets, Lumen and TVision are creating a unique attention model for every client that can help optimise media measurement and strategies based on what really drives attention and outcomes for each brand.”

Yan Liu, CEO of TVision, said: “We look forward to this new chapter in TVision’s relationship with Lumen”.

“We’re excited to offer customers a way to measure TV and CTV investments in comparison to digital and social channels and activate media buying with predictive attention models that can optimise for the best outcomes based on ad format, channel, partner, and more.”