London Screen Academy targets diverse students with new campaign

london screen academy

The London Screen Academy, a state-funded sixth form founded by Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan, David Heyman, Lisa Bryer, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson has launched an outdoor campaign targeting students from diverse, low-income backgrounds.

A series of posters created by Stink Studios communicates to prospective students that the LSA curriculum combines the education of a traditional sixth form with exciting, hands-on, skills-based training for a future career in film, TV or other creative industries.

London Screen Academy

Located in sites around the London boroughs of Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Haringey and Brent, the posters are split into two halves, bringing a “ying and yang” approach to the overall design, with each side serving a distinct communications function.

The more traditional left hand side of the posters features black lettering on a white background and introduces the LSA, educating them that it’s a free sixth form for students looking to get into film and TV.

london screen academy 1
LSA’s OOh campaign by Stink Studios.

On the right hand side, the posters are designed to spark the imagination of prospective students by suggesting the huge range of unique and exciting opportunities they can explore at LSA. 

Lines include: ‘Designing zombie cheerleaders counts as “school work” here’, ‘Today’s Lesson: How to add more bass to a demon’s burp’, ‘Design a costume. Edit a shark attack. Break for lunch.’, ‘Learn to build a set fit for a drag queen’, and ‘This week’s homework: directing rap videos, shooting rom-coms, dressing powerful teenage wizards.’

Working with illustrator Kate Prior, Stink has also created a series of stickers that complement the copy and bring to life the equipment that students at LSA use by adding a playful twist. 

london screen academy 1
Cinema pass: LSA’s campaign markets the college’s free status.

The stickers will be used to promote the school on social media as well as given out as physical stickers to current and prospective students.

Justin Malcahy, Creative Director at Stink Studios said: “LSA has something really special to offer young people – you get all the benefits of a regular free sixth form college, coupled with the added bonus of learning vital skills to help break into the TV and Film industry. 

“It was a real joy working with them to help spread this message to a more diverse audience. Bold work for a great cause!”

London screen academy 3
Big drama: LSA teaches all elements of film, even the practical elements.

Charlie Kennard, Principal of LSA said: “LSA’s mission is to diversify the screen industries and this campaign will help us to provide the thriving UK film and TV industry with a new generation of talent. 

“We want to make sure that students from all backgrounds are aware of the unique opportunities LSA offers. Stink Studios have been a joy to work with and their eye-catching campaign communicates everything we have to offer in a playful way.”