LiveRamp collaborates with Adobe to support RampID

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LiveRamp, the data connectivity platform, today announced that Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe’s programmatic media buying tool, now supports RampID across channels.

Those include desktop display, desktop video, mobile web, mobile in-app, connected TV (CTV), native, and audio. 

Adobe deal

As a result, advertisers can unlock people-based audience targeting, frequency capping, activation of first- and third-party data, delivery reporting, access to supply-side integrations and exposure logs, and measurement support through Adobe’s Advertising Solutions Group (ASG). 

The integration is currently live in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and Singapore.

“The deprecation of third-party cookies and other device IDs – despite being a moving target – has been a forcing function for innovation and improvement across the advertising industry”, said Travis Clinger, SVP, addressability and ecosystem at LiveRamp.

“But at LiveRamp, it’s also affirmed what we have long known to be true: people-based marketing delivers superior performance today. Full stop”. 

“Today’s announcement brings us one step closer to ensuring every marketer in every corner of the world can achieve outsized business results at scale, without compromising privacy. 

“And they can do this with the confidence of continuity: critical marketing workflows enabled by LiveRamp and Adobe Advertising Cloud work today, and will continue to work even once device IDs go away.”

Brands that buy on RampID can expect the following benefits: 

  • Access untapped environments that are cookieless today, such as Safari, Edge, and Firefox
  • Increase campaign effectiveness by buying on a privacy-first, people-based identifier and reaching authenticated users within premium publisher environments
  • Maintain end-to-end control – from data ingestion to delivery – across preferred platforms and partners
  • Improve accuracy of measurement and performance
  • Build familiarity with cookieless workflows
  • Maintain addressability across audiences, channels, and regions

“As third-party cookies and other tracking frameworks become less relevant, the need for advertisers to find new, more privacy-aware ways of engaging consumers becomes increasingly urgent,” said Greg Collison, head of product for Adobe Advertising Cloud. 

“We are partnering with vendors like LiveRamp to give our customers the ability to explore new engagement models that are right for both their businesses, and for consumers.”

As part of this integration, advertisers will also be able to connect to authenticated audiences across publishers that support the LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution, which is powered by RampID. T

his gives advertisers improved access to premium, high-value inventory to build the ultimate experience for their customers.

Today, LiveRamp is connected to over 70% of time spent online, thanks to its expansive ATS publisher network and through direct publisher integrations. 

In total, more than 35 of comScore 50 publishers are live, and 11,000 domains globally have adopted ATS, including CafeMedia, Microsoft, and Tubi.