Lively to host panel discussion on the future of live music

The Future of live Music 2

Marketing agency Lively, global experts in hybrid, live and virtual events, is hosting a panel discussion on the future of live music events, an industry facing unprecedented challenges.

Downloading has decimated the commercial side in recent years, while the pandemic has led to the collapse of live music shows. When the industry returns, should it and can it be business as usual?

Future of live music

The two-hour event, titled ‘The Future of Music’, taking place on 29th April from 4pm to 6pm (GMT) will bring together a number of industry stakeholders, from record labels to promoters, musicians, music journalists, sponsors, venues, managers and music marketing specialists.

The debate will focus on how artists must find new ways to engage with audiences and new revenue streams and will also examine how music brands are adapting and navigating their way through a fast-changing landscape.

Lively is partnering with Fanaply, Zora and Create Not Hate to create and auction off a unique artistic piece as an NFT following the event.

All proceeds will go to Create Not Hate, helping unlock the potential of young people who are underrepresented in the creative industry.

Journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer will host two interactive panel debates.

The first panel takes an in-depth look at content streaming, examining how to use live and recorded content to drive hybrid experiences, why streaming does not necessarily equal success and how to create a memorable and shareable music experience in a hybrid environment.

Panellists include:

● Anya Du Sauzay, Head of Marketing, Parlophone (Warner Music)

● Fayola Douglas, Senior Reporter, Campaign Magazine

● James Kirkham, Chief Business Officer, Defected Records

● Mark Mitchell, Co-Founder and CIO, Lively

● Michelle Tighe, Strategic Partnerships Director, Outernet

The second panel will examine the digital issues affecting the music industry, such as music’s potential crypto boom, the future of NFTs and the impact on copyright.

It will focus on how to retain ownership of tracks or mixes whilst still encouraging people to download and share, and what this means for musicians, established names and newcomers. Some will turn to platforms like a youtube downloader to get their music or they will go through other channels for the same outcome.

Panellists include:

● Goldie Chan, Founder, Warm Robots

● Mike Rosenthal, Co-Founder, Fanaply

● Michael White, Co-Founder and CEO, Lively

● Sarah HB, Broadcaster & DJ (Kiss FM, BBC R1, Digital stations; Totally Wired Radio and Mi-House Radio)

Michael White, CEO and Co-Founder of Lively said: “The UK’s music industry has been dealt a double hammer blow by the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit.

“It was worth 4.5 billion to the UK economy in 2019 but has been one of the business sectors worst affected by Covid-19, being among the first to close and very likely to be the last to fully reopen.

“There are some glimmers of hope on the horizon with the Reading and Leeds festivals announced as going ahead in August and the Isle of Wight festival in September.

“But even when live music does return, should it be business as usual? If you’re a live music lover, what is the live experience going to be like for you post-pandemic?”

The event will be streamed via the newly-launched LiveFi platform, custom built by Lively.

Recognising that one size does not fit all, LiveFi, unveiled in November, offers presenters and audiences an unparalleled level of personalisation and customisation, ensuring that every virtual experience is tailored to the event host.


Via the LiveFi platform, guests will be able to access the ‘main stage’, the full event agenda and the speaker hub.

Guests will also have the option to participate in polls, as well as the live event chat bar, or search for a particular attendee and message them privately.

LiveFi’s development has stemmed from Lively’s belief that the majority of existing platforms deliver far short of an experience.

LiveFi brings innovation to the market, allowing clients to run their own custom-skinned platform for an event, with advanced video capabilities including produced feed live streams.

The platform has a suite of customisable video conferencing tools which allow for higher levels of dynamic content, driving greater audience engagement.

The LiveFi platform was previously used for the latest Most Contagious events in the UK, the US and the Asia-Pacific region, with one delegate describing the experience as “the best virtual conference I’ve been to yet”.

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