Little Vitamin Studio rebranded as Vitamin Commerce

little vitamin rebrands to vitamin commerce - mediashotz

Little Vitamin has revealed its new brand name, Vitamin Commerce, after announcing its new focus to Shopify and Shopify Plus. 

With over 300 website launches and 8+ years of experience, they are an ambitious & specialist team focused on finding commerce solutions.

Little Vitamin

Founded on the principles of building cost-effective brands and websites for clients that are just starting out, Little Vitamin said its eight years in existence have passed in a blink of an eye.

Having faced an abundance of challenges and grown alongside their extensive list of clients, Vitamin Commerce will still be providing the same great service but with a new and more focused, progressive approach to e-commerce. 

With a list of clients including Water Aid Shop For Life, Formula E, I Saw It First, BLOCH, and Saracen, its ever-growing portfolios have sparked a new direction for the team’s collaborative work. 

Vitamin Commerce will continue to partner with ReCharge Payments, GoDaddy and various other partners to provide their clients with incredible tools and platforms to achieve their goals.

Multivitamin Group had already undertaken a rebrand of its growing family of studios.

Each studio has its own award-winning sonic identity and specialist area, but their overall ethos and core brand values remain consistent throughout the various studios; Vitamin D, Vitamin London and Vitamin Cornwall. 

This extended network of specialists in their own fields come together as collaborators in innovation.

Vitamin Commerce will be focusing on Shopify and Shopify Plus as they state it is quite simply the best and most comprehensive e-commerce platform on the market. 

Vitamin Commerce’s Managing Director, James Holding, said: “Each time a project challenges us, we’ve found solutions to solve problems. 

“This has meant we’ve been able to build ever larger and more complex projects to meet our clients’ ambitions. 

“Our creative ideas and knowledge of Shopify have only grown, we are no longer building little websites, but leading e-commerce stores for clients and their customers globally. The name was holding us back.”

Multivitamin Group’s Founder, Jacob Beckett said: “We founded Little Vitamin as a specialist team with a streamlined process in order to deliver cost-effective solutions to our partners. 

“Over time the team has grown more focussed and this is the next step – from mobile through blended experiences to VR/AR and selling in the metaverse, Vitamin Commerce will continue to innovate for you.”