Limelight Inc programmatic ads firm rebrands for fifth anniversary


Programmatic enabler Limelight Inc., formerly Project Limelight, has announced a rebrand as it celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Limelight Inc.

Limelight Inc. helps companies in the ad tech ecosystem to navigate the complex programmatic landscape, blending cutting-edge technology with best-in-class expertise and genuine human support.

Over the past five years, Limelight has seen consistent revenue increases, doubling its client base each year for the last two years

The company’s co-founder and CEO, David Nelson, said: “We felt that five years was the right time to put a flag in the ground to mark the fact that we are now firmly established.

“We are ready to take our programmatic offering to the next level, while remaining firmly grounded in the roots that have got us to where we are today.”

Ad networks, publishers and agencies use Limelight’s programmatic oRTB solution to build bespoke, white-label trading environments and drive profitability and performance at scale, rapidly. The timespan from order to first trade is typically no longer than 48 hours.

Limelight allows ad networks to collate valuable supply at scale, while enabling publishers to instantly access global demand and increase yields, and agencies to develop clean supply channels for their clients.

The Limelight Inc. platform offers supply integration by Header Bidding, oRTB Endpoint, Tag (js, Vast or Vpaid), and demand integration by oRTB endpoint or Tag (Vast, Vpaid).

It also offers support for banner, video, CTV, native and audio formats, and for desktop, mobile web and in-app channels, as well as advanced data analytics and bespoke reporting.

But while the company’s success has been partly built on the technical sophistication of its platform, Limelight’s ethos is firmly centred on human support and strong partnerships.
“Our Client Services team is always there for our clients,” said James Macdonald, co-founder and CRO of the company.

“They know that if they hit any sort of obstacle, or just want to run an idea past us, get help with some aspect of the complex programmatic ecosystem they are struggling with, or get our take on the latest moves from the regulators or big tech, we are there for them.”

Lior Nir, Ad Operation Manager at OMS, said: “The Limelight platform consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of technological concepts and an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality results, helping us to reach our partner’s KPIs at scale.

“The high level service we get from the customer success team has been reliable and trustworthy for years.”

Nelson added: “Limelight Inc. is here to redefine the principle and culture of ad tech. We are a partner-first company that is dedicated to building a future where programmatic advertising is as straightforward.

“The most important driver of the Limelight Inc. community is to contribute to the individual growth of our partners and team members and to foster a culture of shared success”.