Like Nothing Else – Tofoo launches new TV campaign by Who Wot Why

TOFOO like nothing else - mediashotz

The Tofoo Co, the fast-growing UK tofu brand, has launched a new TV campaign written and created by Who Wot Why and produced by Black Dog Films.

Tofoo’s campaign TV ad is a celebration of what we are, not what we’re not, and it launched nationally on 6 September.

It also ticks a slew of diversity boxes and is easily our favourite foodie ad so far this year.

Tofoo TV ad

The film features an artist posing in a variety of lavish outfits, presenting equally lavish dishes made with Tofoo. 

It revels in Tofoo’s and the artist’s uniqueness. Tofoo’s glorious and wonderful in its own right. It’s unlike anything else out there, just like the artist themself. 

The ad is summed up by the artist’s words,  “What? Never seen Tofoo before?”.

Tofoo claimed its product isn’t like other plant-based products, and said it’s not even like other tofu. 

The Tofoo Co makes organic tofu from a traditional Japanese recipe. The brand currently has a 53% share of the tofu market, and with consumers increasingly turning to a healthier, plant-based diet, tofu has surged in popularity.  

It said it’s proud to be itself, a real, natural ingredient that tastes great. We’ll let the vegans battle that one out.

The commercial has the look and feel of a fashion film and was directed by Jade Ang Jackman from Black Dog Films.

The campaign follows “Wow of Now”, the first campaign created by Who Wot Why.

Thryth Jarvis, Head of Marketing for Tofoo said: “Our TV ad is aiming to reach out to new consumers who may have previously dismissed tofu.

“We want them to see tofu like they have never seen it before – delicious, versatile, and just a whole lot of fun!”

Ben Walker, ECD at Who Wot Why said: “It’s been really fun to create something stylish and impactful for Tofoo. 

“We all go through different tastes but a good authentic and delicious product at the base of what we eat makes for nicer meals – no matter how they are dressed.”