LG Electronics launches “Life’s Good” campaign with new brand reveal


LG Electronics has revealed its brand-new “Life’s Good” campaign globally, embarking on various “Brand Reinvent” initiatives, in partnership with global branding consultancy Wolff Olins.

The company launched its “Life’s Good” global campaign, featuring digital out-of-home (OOH) advertisements at renowned landmarks across the globe, including sites in Dubai, London, New York, Vietnam, and Seoul.

Each vibrant image and captivating video have been meticulously crafted to reflect LG’s refreshed visual themes.

“Life’s Good” 

Through this global initiative, the company commits to sharing the “Life’s Good” message with its customers, inspiring and encouraging them to embrace life with optimism.

Given the rising uncertainty and instability worldwide due to post-pandemic shifts, the campaign aims to motivate customers, spreading a positive influence and reinforcing the company’s unwavering belief that “Life’s Good.”

To convey this message with a dynamic and youthful manner, LG recently partnered with Wolff Olins to re-establish its visual identity under the LG Brand Reinvent, to put the spotlight on the value of “Life’s Good” with the new visuals.

After undertaking a rigorous process to redefine its values and philosophy, LG identified three core values: ‘Uncompromising Customer Experience’, ‘Human-centred Innovation’ and ‘Warmth to Power a Smile’.

This reinvention of the brand introduces a younger and more dynamic visual identity that resonates more deeply with consumers across all generations and backgrounds.

The transformation is part of its plans to become a global iconic brand, recognising the need to go beyond products and services and effectively communicate its brand values to customers.

At 9pm on 22nd August, the global brand refresh went live with an anamorphic 3D billboard in Times Square New York – as well a series of digital billboards and projections around major renowned landmarks globally, including Landmark 81 skyscraper in Vietnam, London’s Piccadilly Circus, the Óvalo Gutiérrez in Peru, the KP Tower in India, and in select spaces in South Korea, among others – all at 9pm local time.

The campaign also extends to London’s beloved red double-decker buses, which currently feature LG’s Life’s Good slogan – visually revamped as part of an innovative brand reinvention strategy. Additionally, the launch will feature social content on 159 social channels in 80 countries.

Jeongseok (JS) Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing Centre, said: “We have a bold vision to transform and leap forward as a smart life solutions company. Our new brand identity helps to re-establish a brand, LG by reinventing the way we operate and communicate toward this goal.

“Wolff Olins is assisting us to signal a major shift – helping us speak to new, younger generations and making us appear more innovative, emotive and enhancing our global relevance.

“The approach also allows us to maintain flexibility across our diverse businesses, both B2B and B2C. The new LG is infused with optimism and embodies the sentiment that ‘Life’s Good!'”

Hyoeun Kim, Vice President of LG Electronics Global Marketing Centre, said: “At LG, our driving force is a commitment to enhancing the lives of our consumers.

“Fuelled by our core belief that ‘Life’s Good’, we relentlessly face challenges but, with the firm belief of Life’s Good, we continuously innovate.

“Our newly refreshed brand identity embodies the collective passion and dedication of our entire organisation.

It represents our unwavering mission to make our customers’ lives better and to spread a message of optimism today. It also signifies our ambition to establish LG as a globally beloved and iconic brand.”

Speaking about LG’s partnership with Wolff Olins, Kim Said: “Wolff Olins has helped us to transform LG – expanding how we’re seen as a business and rejuvenating the experience of our brand.

“They have seamlessly connected strategy and creativity to deliver a dynamic and highly flexible brand. Wolff Olins’ experience of working across multiple industries and across the end-to end brand experience has been invaluable.

“Together, we’ve delivered a new brand that works for our many business units and for the world.”

Tom Carey, Senior Creative Director at Wolff Olins, said: “The people at LG are amazing innovators. So it’s been awesome to work with them as they transform for their next generation.

“We’ve rejuvenated the brand, bringing it to life with a smile and a wink. We’ve helped set it up to speak to multiple audiences – from fashionistas to gamers to global tech partners.

“And we’ve worked on every side of the experience, helping to stand out in-store, online, in social, in advertising and in every side of daily life.

“It’s been a true joy to work with the LG’s leadership and design teams who are passionate about detail, crazily inventive and determined to bring a smile back to tech”.