LG Ad Solutions names new Head of Corporate Comms

LG Ad Solutions names new Head of Corporate Comms Ad Solutions, a global leader in connected TV (CTV) and cross-screen advertising, announced today the appointment of Angela Barnett as Head of Corporate Communications.

Barnett is an accomplished corporate communications leader with extensive expertise in advertising technology.

Before joining LG Ad Solutions, she spearheaded communications efforts for prominent organizations such as GumGum and IAS, where she established best-in-class communications programs, focusing on enhancing brand awareness and reputation across key audiences and regions.

In this role, Barnett will be at the forefront of shaping and executing comprehensive communication strategies.

She will be responsible for fostering positive relationships with media, investors, employees, and other stakeholders and play a key role in enhancing the brand’s reputation and navigating the complexities of the ad tech landscape.

“In an industry as complex and fast-paced as ad tech, having a communication leader who understands how to build an efficient and agile communications organization is crucial, and Angela has demonstrated that time and again,” said Tony Marlow, CMO at LG Ad Solutions.

“With our cutting-edge innovations and advanced technology, we anticipate substantial growth over the next few years, and Angela will play a pivotal role in ensuring widespread awareness across the market.”

Barnett said: “CTV isn’t a status quo environment; it’s primed for innovation in elevating the relationship between a brand and a consumer.

“As a communicator, I’m eager to contribute to the global growth of LG Ad Solutions, expanding market share, and fostering brand adoption among key stakeholders”.

Based in the New York office, Barnett will report directly to Marlow.