Lewis Moberly creates striking new brand for Green Angel Ventures


Brand design agency Lewis Moberly has partnered with Green Angel Syndicate, the UK’s largest network of specialist investors fighting climate change, to create the name and identity for the company and its portfolio of products.

Green Angel rebrand

Founded in 2013, Green Angel Syndicate has evolved to cover both fund management as well as angel investment.

The business has just won ‘Early-Stage Investor of the Year’ at The Business Green Awards and has been named ‘Seed VC of the Year’ by The UK Business Angels Association.

With the launch of The Climate Change Fund for angel investors, and the imminent launch of a much larger Venture Fund for institutional investors, the time was right to update the brand to better reflect the changing face of the business and its portfolio.

Lewis Moberly was briefed to express the unique specialisation in climate change investment through a distinctive and original design that would stand out in the corporate landscape.

GAV Branding 11July23
New wings: Green Angel given name and brand revamp.

A new master-brand look and feel needed to be credible and professional but also modern and innovative reflecting the climate focused companies the business invests in.

The existing name, Green Angel Syndicate lacked the gravitas required to launch the company’s new fund. Green Angel Ventures better represented the business ambition and new suite of products.

The new identity balances sincerity and warmth – a professional feel without losing the company soul.  Confident lettering delivers poise, while the playful curve in the tail of the R, conveys youthful innovation.

A circle graphic is woven between the apex of the A representing the inter-generational bond, an infinite continuation and reminiscent of an angel’s halo, a caring, protective touch.

When married with bespoke lettering, the brand marque feels trustworthy with an air of optimism and strength.

GAV Branding 11July23
Bespoke: Green Angel Ventures ready to fight climate change from investor perspective.

The graphic A icon, extractable and flexible as an individual brand asset, abbreviates the brand story and drives the brand’s full visual language.

Emily Fox, Creative Director at Lewis Moberly commented: “It’s incredibly motivating to work with a company with purpose, sustainability, and innovation at its heart.

“With climate change at the top of everyone’s agenda, it was important to create an impactful identity with true meaning, accurately reflecting the brand values.

“Our core idea centred on future proofing the earth for the next generation and maintaining the circle of life.

“What we’ve created is a comprehensive design system with a powerful marque at its centre, and a ‘smile in the mind’.”

Cam Ross, Green Angel Ventures CEO added: “The Green Angel Ventures name and identity has been the creation of one of the best branding design agencies in London, and it shows.

“Lewis Moberly has been professional, thorough, but above all inspirational in its approach to creative brand design.  We could not have asked for anything more.”