Les Echos doubles data-driven ad revenue with Permutive tie-up


Les Echos-Le Parisien Médias today announced its first-party capabilities in partnership with Permutive, including first year results which saw a doubling in the publisher’s data-driven revenue.
Launched in June 2022, the ecosystem pools user data from five media brands in the Les Echos-Le Parisien Group – Les Echos, Le Parisien, Investir, Boursier.com and Connaissance des Arts – across all environments, including web, app, video, and newsletters.

Les Echos strategy shift

SONAR marks a shift in strategy by Les Echos-Le Parisien Médias in preparation for the end of third-party cookies with 100% of the group’s audience segments now built using first-party data, compared with just 20% a year ago.

“2022-2023 is a pivotal year for the digital advertising market now that it is reaching a certain level of maturity”, said Corinne Mrejen – CEO of Les Echos-Le Parisien Partners Division – Chief Impact Officer.

“Advertisers are seeking a balance between performance, quality, and transparency. This trend tends to favour premium publishers.

“We made the decision to move away from third-party data, to focus on our strengths, our proprietary data, and our high value-added content”.

A data intelligence approach

Due to its enhanced offering, Les Echos-Le Parisien has achieved a twofold increase in its data-driven turnover compared with 2021. Over the same period, the average campaign budget rose by 57%.

Overall, the data-driven campaigns activated by SONAR have performed better, with the average click-through rate (CTR) rising 26% compared to 2021.

Over this period, Les Echos-Le Parisien Médias saw its number of new advertisers grow by around 25%. Eight employees within the group are tasked with offering brands personalised support.

Since the launch, more than 500 new first-party segments have been created, owing to the depth and quality of the group’s inventory – over 1,000 pieces of content published each day and more than 2 million subscribers.

“The results for this first year are promising, with improvements in both our own performance indicators and those of our advertisers”, said Violette Chomier, Chief Data Officer of the Les Echos-Le Parisien Group.

“This is down to our commitment to understanding the data of all the group’s brands and business lines, but also our efforts to optimise our various segments and processes. With the SONAR ecosystem, we are able to place this know-how at the disposal of advertisers, from brief to insight”.

SONAR’s rich and high-performing data ecosystem is widely used by French media groups as it continues to rely on three key pillars: the human intelligence of its teams, the technology of its partner Permutive, and a tailored offering.

“We are proud to have supported the transformation of the group and Les Echos Le Parisien Médias”, said Joe Root, CEO and co-founder of Permutive.

“Our technology is built around leveraging first-party data and respecting user privacy. At Permutive, we work with premium publishers to build audiences and develop unique insights to build deeper relationships with advertisers based on data so they can move forward with agility and confidence.

“This is the path we took with the group to achieve the effective launch of the data ecosystem in just 4 months, and it’s incredible to see their success so far”.