LEGOLAND Windsor Resort launches promo for new MYTHICA attraction


Merlin-owned attraction LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has launched a dynamic new TV spot to launch its new multimillion-pound land LEGO MYTHICA, World of Mythical Creatures. 

Called “LEGO MYTHICA: Where your imagination rules”, the ad is the first TV campaign the brand has created in partnership with NOW.


With the aim of driving guests to LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, and prompting reappraisal of the park amongst parents of six to twelve-year-olds, NOW has created a TV spot that brings to life the full extraordinariness of the new world of MYTHICA and the first-of-its-kind immersive 4D flying theatre ride, The Flight of the Sky Lion. 

In MYTHICA, creatures built from LEGO come alive before your very eyes, rollercoasters don’t follow any tracks, and your imagination rules, the blurb says.

Directed by Gerson Aguerri at CANADA, the ad takes the viewer on a journey from a little girl’s bedroom into and through MYTHICA, carried by the Sky Lion. 

The ride footage was filmed from the point of view of the girl, so that you feel like you’re stepping into another world. 

The spot aims to demonstrate the unique and immersive experience offered by the 4D flying theatre ride, which is unlike any other you’ve had before.

LEGO MYTHICA is LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s largest capital investment in ten years, and it is the first bespoke LEGOLAND intellectual property to be developed by owner Merlin. 

MYTHICA will not only be the theme of the new land at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, but will also become part of most LEGOLAND Parks and Discovery Centres globally, across various formats.

TV campaign

The campaign will run on TV, with 30, 20 and 10-second versions. Media planning and buying are by Mediacom. The ride footage featured in the ad was created by Pure Imagination.

Marianne McGoldrick, Marketing Director, LEGOLAND, said: “LEGO MYTHICA is LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s single biggest investment since it opened 25 years ago. 

“It will allow guests’ imaginations to run wild, as mythical LEGO creatures come to life in front of their very eyes, and the first-of-its-kind Sky Lion ride will be one of its biggest attractions. 

“This new ad not only reflects the magic of MYTHICA, but it also mirrors the experience of the Sky Lion, enabling viewers to get a taste of what it’s like to be immersed in another world.”

Ben da Costa, Chief Creative Officer, NOW, added: “Launching a brand new world and a first-of-its-kind ride in the UK was a real challenge, especially in 30 seconds.

“We set out to create a film that felt as immersive as the Sky Lion ride itself: one that stimulates imagination and throws you into the world of LEGO MYTHICA.

“Gerson Aguerri is a master of visual techniques, especially point-of-view. Working with him resulted in a visceral, imaginative ad, where we even question whether the little girl (the star of the show) has been delivering the voiceover the whole time. 

“This is a place where imagination rules.”