LEGO Group launches ‘Fly Away Isles’ by artist Hebru Brantley

fly away isles - LEGOPLAYDAY_0630

The LEGO Group has teamed up with visionary artist Hebru Brantley to create Fly Away Isles, a new immersive play installation in the heart of West Harlem that is inspired by the imagination of some of the community’s most creative minds: children.

Fly Away Isles is inspired by the playful, optimistic imaginations of local children from non-profit youth development organisation, The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis). 

Together with Hebru, the LEGO Group  invited the children to use the ultimate creative medium, LEGO bricks, to build and share their ideas for  how they would help their community play more. 

‘Fly Away Isles’

The installation follows new research from the LEGO Group, which found that a third of parents (29%) in the US say they don’t play enough as a family, with 82% of children living in New York wishing for more play.

From a rocket soaring through clouds, to pyramids inspired by volcanos and stepping-stones that transport visitors between colourful islands, Hebru captured the creative optimism and boundless ideas of the children and turned their dreams into a reality. 

The new accessible, inclusive, and creative space takes visitors on a cosmic journey as they come together to experience the joy of seeing the world through  the eyes of children.

Fly Away Isles opens in Johnny Hartman Plaza, 140 Hamilton Place, New York, on the LEGO brand’s 90th Anniversary, which the company is celebrating with its first ever World Play Day – a day dedicated to  helping children, families and communities around the world find a moment of play. 

The installation will  be open to the public until 5 November 2022, with the mural displayed until July 2023.

“Play is fundamental to the wellbeing and happiness of the whole family – it changes lives and brings us  closer together, but we know families today feel they don’t play enough”, said Alero Akuya, VP of Global Brand at the LEGO Group. 

“Children can make the most  mundane moments playful and are full of amazing ideas for how to rebuild the world around us for the  better. 

“So, it felt only fitting for the brand’s 90th Anniversary that we put kids in the driver seat to help us  inspire and bring more play into the world”. 

“We hope the awesome new playscape Hebru and the children have created here in Harlem inspires those of  all ages to experience the creativity, imagination and joy of play.”

Known for his vibrant use of color, Hebru uses a playful artistic approach to address important themes  around nostalgia, power and hope in his work. 

He often challenges the viewer to see the world through the eyes of others and uses the adventures of his characters to explore how the world can be reimagined  for the better. 

As well as a range of exciting play activities, the installation includes Hebru’s first mural in  New York, adding to his celebrated work that lights up the streets of Chicago and other cities across  the country.

Alex Wilson, ECD, Amplify, said: “Tapping directly into the imagination of children is what The LEGO Group has been about for 90 years. 

“And when you combine that imagination with the creative vision of Hebru Brantley to build an original playspace for the community of West Harlem, you get a playful, joyful and important legacy for generations to come.”

Speaking about Fly Away Isles, Hebru commented: “My work often explores stories about the world I grew up in, so meeting the children from BroSis and hearing their vision for the world we live in now had a  profound impact on the design of this play space. 

“I wanted to create something that offered the local  community a chance to come together regardless of their background or culture, leave the pressures of  the busy world we live in behind and explore what the work looks like through the optimistic eyes of  children.”