Legendary newsreader Jon Snow joins Bank of Antandec CEOs


The CEOs from the Bank of Antandec are back with two new instalments of the award-winning campaign for Santander, this time joined by veteran journalist Jon Snow.

Created by House 337, Merman Production and in partnership Mitre Studios, Carat and IPG the campaign continues the long-running story of the CEOs’ hapless attempts to run a bank in competition with Santander.

The latest films feature Santander’s rival bank attempting to sabotage their exciting new Edge current account campaign.

Jon Snow

Shot by Guy Manwaring, the first TV ad is delivered in the form of a news bulletin.

Jon Snow takes up the newsreader’s chair to present a story about Santander’s stunt projecting the “Edge” logo onto the biggest edge in the country – the White Cliffs of Dover.

He then reveals that pranksters have attempted to sabotage it by changing the word “Edge” to “SausEdge”. As CCTV footage of the sabotage is leaked, we see that it’s the work of the Bank of Antandec CEOs.

The second spot features the Bank of Antandec frontmen confronting their own bank’s staff after discovering that many of them are actually enjoying the benefits of the Santander Edge current account themselves.

Breaking today (3 May), the new campaign will run across TV, video on demand, cinema, radio, OOH, social, digital display, in-branch, one to one communications and on santander.co.uk.

In addition, the campaign is brought to life in OOH around the country including a live projection at Liverpool Albert Dock on 4 May, iconic sites across the capital (inc Westfield London Pump Station, Piccadilly Lights, IMAX and domination of both Oxford Circus Underground & Waterloo) and giant, high profile branded edges in London, Liverpool, Hull and Newcastle.

Dan Sherwood, Marketing Director, Santander UK, said: “The Bank of Antandec aren’t just any bank. They’ve always been a bank full of positive intentions, but just haven’t quite got the execution right.

“However, cracks are starting to show at the Bank of Antandec HQ and the great value being offered by Santander is really starting to impact.

“We think the Santander Edge current account offers customers a better way to manage the day-to-day, whilst also building for the future, through a range of fantastic benefits.

“We’re excited to have more people check the account out and see how it can work for them.”

Jo Moore, Executive Creative Director, House 337, said: “It’s been a great honour to be part of Santander’s biggest product launch in over a decade.

“Fittingly, the Edge campaign also marks The Bank of Antandec’s most ambitious outing in 5 years. We’re excited to see how the rivalry between these two financial service powerhouses develops as they tussle for Current Account supremacy.”

Gemma Nightingale, Creative Executive at Mitre Studios, said: “We’re delighted to have worked alongside Santander and House 337 once again on this latest campaign.

“The hapless antics of the Bank of Antandec CEOs continue to unwittingly shine a light on their ‘rivals’ Santander, this time on the great benefits of the Edge current account.

“The campaign has been a great collaboration, and with Ant & Dec, and the surprise addition of Jon Snow, we hope it will entertain as well as inform audiences up and down the country.”

Santander & House 337’s “Bank of Antandec” campaign first appeared in 2019, and has won two Effie awards (in 2020 and 2023) for its contribution to the bank’s growth.