Legendary gay London club DJ Marc Andrews dies at just 57

Marc andrews

Legendary London club DJ Marc Andrews has died at the age of just 57, following an extended period of ill health.

Love Muscle legend

According to messages appearing on Twitter, the DJ, who rose to prominence as the resident jockey at top gay venue, Love Muscle, passed away in late April.

According to those close to the DJ, Andrews passed away, peacefully, in his sleep on 28 April.

Fellow club DJ Stewart Who? wrote on his Twitter page on Saturday: “Sad + somewhat shocked to hear of DJ Marc Andrews death last week.

It’s uncertain how Andrews passed away, but he had apparently suffered illnesses over the last couple of years.

“Before the dawn of commercial superclubs + rock star DJs, Marc had paved the way, quietly + without seeking applause. Nervous + almost anti-social, he had a sizeable cult following by the late ’80s.”

In his early career, Andrews was the warm-up DJ at world famous London gay club Heaven. He eventually progressed to becoming the main DJ at the club.

Cult following

But it was when he started his residence at Love Muscle, at The Fridge nightclub in Brixton, that he really built up a huge cult following and fanbase among the gay community in 1990s.

Who? also tweeted: “Love Muscle was SO major. EVERYONE went. Most people were too pilled up to notice the masterful + complex layering + sample dropping he did, but the atmosphere was never less than frenzied, ecstatic + joyful. There were more credible DJs, but Marc was a total boss. Rest in Power.”

His Saturday night sets at Love Muscle was the soundtrack to an entire generation of ‘gay men and their friends’. The club became just as famous among heterosexual women and then men because of its safe and friendly ambiance, mixed with the latest dance tracks courtesy of Andrews and other DJs.

Andrews will doubtless be remembered as a trailblazer on the London dance scene. His music was so loved that he sold thousands of albums featuring the hottest dance mixes of the time.

Unforgettable dance tracks

Tracks made club famous after the Andrews touch included Rockin For Myself by Motiv8; Catch a Fire by Haddaway; Voulez Vous by Abbacadabra; Rhythm of the Night by Corona and Harajuku’s Can You Feel The Love Tonight. One of his most famous mixes was Saint Ettienne’s He’s On The Phone.

His passing at such a young age will come as a shock to many, for whom Andrews provided the soundtrack to an unforgettable moment in the history of London’s gay club scene.

Muscle music: Marc Andrews made his reputation at the famous Brixton club.

The Fridge was a nightclub in the Brixton area of South London, founded by Andrew Czezowski and Susan Carrington. It was housed in a former cinema called the Palladium.

In the late 1980s and 1990s it became the de-facto epicentre of the gay rave scene. The club closed its doors for the final time in 2010.