Landmark partners with Perkbox to offer flexibility to employees

Landmark team

Landmark, the flexible workspace provider is working with Perkbox, the employee experience platform, to create flexibility and choice around its company benefit offering.

Landmark launch

The firm has 220 employees across 46 UK locations, with an additional centre in Giltspur Street, London, opening in March.

It was searching for a far-reaching solution that could benefit every one of its employee’s lifestyle and wellbeing.

Adopting the Perkbox platform was its preferred solution to achieve this.

Since working with Perkbox, the company has seen an activation rate on the platform of 96%, amongst its employees.

What’s more, 88% of them have redeemed at least one perk on the platform to date. This is strongly linked to the company’s successful launch strategy, working closely with the Perkbox team.

Bite-sized workshops showcasing the system to staff in small groups were arranged.

These helped ensure the right level of awareness and engagement amongst its members, from the very beginning.

Popular redeemed perks include free perks like mobile phone insurance, a weekly coffee with Caffe Nero and a monthly cinema ticket, while discounted gym memberships were also popular.

Charity Days

Alongside Perkbox’s offerings, Landmark also provides employees with two paid ‘Charity Days’ a year to empower them to volunteer for a cause they believe in.

Other popular benefits include employees receving a day off for their birthday and enhanced maternity and paternity leave.

“With the real estate industry being known to have a high employee turnover rate, it’s great to see a company like Landmark differentiating themselves by providing a great employee experience that caters for each employee holistically”, Deborah Knight, Director of Customer Success at Perkbox said.

:From providing great perks, right through to giving employees enhanced maternity and paternity leave, it’s clear Landmark is leading the way.”

Lisa Wooldridge, Head of HR at Landmark comments: “Perkbox allows for flexibility and choice when it comes to benefits.

“The Landmark family is very diverse; each person is unique, with their own passions and interests and Perkbox allows us to offer something for everyone.

“At Landmark, we say we want people to bring their whole selves to work, to be themselves.

“Lifestyle and well-being is important to people, and if Landmark can enhance that in some way, that’s great.”