Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley returns to Radio 4 for 2nd season


Historical true-crime podcast Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley is to return to BBC Radio 4 this March.

The second season of the hit series brings together an all-female team of detectives to investigate the ordinary lives – and extraordinary crimes of women from the 19th and early 20th century.

Lady Killers return

Looked at through a contemporary feminist lens, the series will span shocking cases across the world, from England, Scotland, the US and Australia, to expose the unthinkable actions of murderesses throughout history.

In 2022, the inaugural series was one of the top ten most popular BBC podcasts.

With author and historian Lucy Worsley at the helm, the ten-part series will also include expertise from lawyers, psychologists, activists, comedians and barristers alongside in-house historian Professor Rosalind Crone.

Guest detectives include author and activist Deborah Frances-White, legendary novelist Lynda La Plante OBE and barrister and prosecutor Sasha Wass KC.

Meanwhile, accompanying discussion episodes will feature broadcaster Ayesha Hazarika and comedian and immigration lawyer Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes who will take a deep dive into ‘Women’s Bodies. Women’s Rights’ and ‘Is the law gender blind?’.

Sparking conversations about the modern-day parallels of these gruesome crimes, highlights of the upcoming series include:

1920’s “New Woman” Edith Thompson prosecuted for a murder she didn’t commit and whose conviction is now under review 100 years later

Tavern keeper Mary McKinnon who faced a trial which largely dismissed the testimonies of sex workers, leading to discussions around modern day sex work and decriminalising prostitution

The team uncover the story of backstreet abortionist Elizabeth Taylor to ask how much has truly changed when it comes to women’s rights over their own bodies

Margaret Garner, an enslaved woman who killed one of her own children to prevent her having a lifetime of servitude and has since become a figure of tragedy and resistance

Commenting on the new series, Worsley said: “I am constantly surprised by what women in the past went through. The challenges from the basic, like feeding their kids, through to the more psychological, like living in a world which was so blatantly unfair.

“Yet I am not surprised since some things have changed in the 21st Century and some things are the same.”

Rhian Roberts, Commissioning Editor, said: “We learn so much about the lives and times of these women. They move from shadowy black and white images to real people caught up in crimes of passion or dealing with terrible situations not always of their own making.

“Series two has cases that will fascinate and horrify anyone with an interest in how far society has moved on and how much we have in common with our Victorian ancestors”.

Lady Killers With Lucy Worsley (10×30’) is a StoryHunter production for BBC Radio 4.

Julia Hayball is the Series Producer. Executive Producer is Kirsty Hunter. Rosalind Crone is Historical Consultant.

It was commissioned by Rhian Roberts.

The series launches 20 March 2023, and will be broadcast weekly on Mondays BBC Radio 4 at 11.30am.