LAB Group announces new partnership with Personify XP


LAB Group has announced a new partnership with Personify XP, the world’s first anonymous real-time analytics and personalisation platform.

LAB Personify XP partnership

The partnership highlight’s LAB’s commitment to working with best in breed technologies to create industry leading experiences for clients. 

LAB Group described the potential of combining Personify’s unique approach, which uses AI and machine-learning to analyse and interpret visitor data, with LAB’s expertise in human behaviour led design, as “incredibly exciting”.

This extra layer of personalisation dramatically simplifies how digital marketing teams create, manage and deliver content, helping drive conversions and creating lifelong customers in the process.

Some of the core benefits include: 

  • Predictive audience coverage for new content combined with LAB’s behavioural science expertise
  • A feedback loop into the performance of content,
  • Real-time, dynamic content decisioning,
  • And “in moment” personalisation, without any pre-existing data.

Ben Mercer, Co-Founder, Personify XP, said: “We are very excited about this new partnership with LAB. 

“LAB’s unique blend of creativity, behavioural science, and technology makes them the perfect partner for Personify XP.

“Our partnership will combine best in breed MACH approach to digital through our award winning digital personalisation software and LAB’s capabilities to deliver impactful results to clients through award winning delivery and data capabilities.

Harpreet Bushell, Group MD, LAB Group, said: “We’ve all been blown away by Personify XP’s capabilities and we’re completely aligned on the future success of personalisation being behavioural and anonymous. 

“We’re incredibly excited about this partnership, and what we can achieve for our customers by combining our tech, creative and behavioural science teams.