KP Nuts launches first TV campaign in three years

KP Nuts OFFICE TVC KPow St. Luke's

KP Snacks is revitalising its core flagship brand KP with a £2.5m investment in a new and distinctive brand platform and a new multi-media advertising campaign for KP Nuts. 

Devised by St. Luke’s, the campaign launches KPow! as a branding idea across the range, that links powerfully with the epic taste of the products.

KP Nuts

In an ‘utterly nut-tastic’ new campaign for KP Nuts, the brand makes its first appearance on TV in three years, which drives awareness of the bold flavour range appealing to younger consumers.

Two 30-second films show the lift that the ‘flavour hit’ of KP Nuts can bring to enliven any situation. 

The ads introduce a new cast of animated characters placed in everyday settings where KP Nuts is the exciting snack to provide the taste upgrade they desperately need.

Office” shows an afternoon meeting where everyone is flagging: even the plants are drooping, and time stands still. 

When KP Spicy Chilli flavour peanuts are brought into the mix, everyone springs to life and the meeting turns into a party where everyone is invited. 

A car-full of friends in “Traffic Jam” are also jaded with the delay, until KP Salt & Vinegar peanuts come out to play and the car starts to rock, as the friends get a taste boost, and the slow journey is transformed into a memorable experience.

The ads, directed by Blinkink duo Stevie Gee and Essy May, use a mix of 3D and 2D assets to create a unique KP brand world. 

TV, OOH and social campaign

They will run on TV and VOD across ITV, Channel 4 and Sky channels. The films are supported by a mix of OOH and DOOH executions and social media. 

Media planning and buying is through Starcom.

The campaign will run until December.

Ilan Arkin, Marketing Controller, KP Snacks said: “Taste is king when it comes to snacking so our challenge was to bring taste to the forefront and convince more consumers to eat more nuts on more occasions. 

“We needed to set KP apart as the ultimate snacking choice throughout the day by driving greater awareness of our bold flavour range.”

Richard Denney, Executive Creative Director at St. Luke’s added: “We’re incredibly excited to share this bold new work with the world. 

“It’s been a labour of love for the agency and client creating this modern new brand world for Britain’s favourite nut.”

KP is the UK’s most famous nut brand, but consumer research found that its products were being saved for premium occasions or associated with the pub. 

St Luke’s campaign aims to make KP into a more contemporary, relevant nut brand and a popular choice for everyday snacking occasions.

St Luke’s was appointed by KP Snacks to its Tyrells, Popchips and KP brands in May 2019.