Korean luxury car brand Genesis revs up European launch campaign

genesis korean car brand

Ad agency Innocean Berlin has created a new campaign for the launch of Korean luxury car brand Genesis in Europe.

Innocean said it took an alternative route with the campaign and that instead of celebrating cars, it celebrates time well spent.

Genesis campaign

Dominic Chamber, Head of Marketing and Communications, Genesis Motor Europe, said: “Genesis is a unique automotive brand and ‘Free Diver’ reflects that. 

“It is a summer of huge sporting events and many advertisements are loud, fighting for attention. 

“As we all work to emerge from the pandemic we think ‘Free Diver’ will offer a moment for reflection; this represents our brand ethos of respecting our customers’ time.

“‘Free Diver’ highlights our ‘we come to you’ offering; if you want a test drive, or if you own a Genesis and your car needs a service, we will come to your home or work and make it happen. 

“We believe it is time, and quality of service, which customers value most – that’s what Genesis will provide.”

The idea is brought to life with a captivating film exploring the world of a free diver who spends his time in the tranquility of the ocean. 

The ad is shot by acclaimed director Frédéric Planchon, with music by Ólafur Arnalds, and features Arnaud Jerald, World Champion free diver. Jerald’s world record free dive stands at 112 metres.

“This film is proof of the deep respect Genesis holds for its consumer’s time”, Said Gabriel Mattar, European Chief Creative Officer at Innocean.

“As our protagonist takes his time to enjoy a magical moment exploring the bottom of the ocean, Genesis delivers their GV80 car directly to him, to make sure he doesn’t miss a second of his extraordinary, almost spiritual experience.”

The launch of Genesis in Europe will be supported by a fully integrated campaign and feature an extensive digital and social media presence as well as out-of-home, print, a PR stunt in the Swiss Alps and a rounded PR campaign of media test drives across Europe.