Knorr Bouillon enters fashion stakes with new mini handbag campaign


Unilever-world cooking brand Knorr Bouillon has entered the world of fashioner its latest, tongue in cheek campaign.

Noticing that 2023 was the year of the teeny tiny handbag, held by the likes of Cardi B and Gigi Hadid, Knorr said that with that trend comes a valid question: what would you even put in that thing?

Knorr, which is of course a brand that is synonymous with great taste, has the perfect answer – the Knorr Bouillon cube.

Knorr Bouillon bag

The Knorr Bouillon Bag is giving high fashion and great taste to the holidays. With its bright green elegant texture and golden touches, it’s an item perfectly crafted and proportioned to carry a single stock cube, adding some serious flavour to your outfit.

The tongue and cheek campaign sees MullenLowe UK leading a collaborative effort with Deutsch NY, ITB Worldwide, Juicy Fruits, Decouture Design and Edelman US and Italy.

It brings Knorr’s beloved bouillon cube to the forefront of fashion through a blended communications approach, using design, creator content, PR and red-carpet experiences to drive engagement with fashionistas, foodies and Gen Z.

The work led out of the MullenLowe London office will be live across the US & Italy this holiday season.

To get your hands on the exclusive lux product, the Knorr US team is running a competition on its socials which will see 40 lucky winners receiving their own bag.

Carlos Rodriguez, Global Creative Director at MullenLowe UK, said: “The idea came from an observation about the mystifying size of tiny bags and what actually goes in them.

“We saw an opportunity for Knorr to celebrate the holidays in a surprising way by poking fun at this fashion trend and giving their iconic bouillon cubes the love they deserve.

“We found the perfect thing to keep in those tiny bags and now I know what I’ll be wearing to my holiday dinners.”