KIND Snacks tells real stories of kindness to inspire communities


Earlier this year, KIND Snacks launched a multi-channel campaign across outdoor, PR and social to inspire kindness in communities, culminating in the crowning of the UK’s 2023 KIND Hero on World Kindness Day.

The campaign included extensive city-focused sampling of tens of thousands of KIND bars.

Agencies were briefed to deliver a simple, integrated campaign that establishes “inspiring KIND communities” as a distinct platform for the brand.

Stories of Kindness

The campaign was led by agencies Revolt and Ready10, and championed unsung heroes across the country through a nationwide search for nominations of kindness which ended with a celebration of the UK’s ultimate ‘KIND Hero’ and ‘Stories of Kindness’ billboards.

KIND launched the search for its stories in September, giving the public the chance to nominate unsung heroes in their community for their incredible acts of generosity via the brand’s website and owned and paid social channels.

The ‘Stories of Kindness’ OOH creative shared some of these real stories of kindness from across London with the communities in which they happened.

Kindness capital: London was championed in the KIND snack search.

The OOH ran at bus shelters and Underground sites across London. Two 48-sheets and two digital six-sheet versions were produced.

Revolt’s creative team developed the work by searching for stories of kind acts that had been shared online. They then interviewed the people that had posted the stories to get a real understanding of each act of kindness.

The narratives were then turned into short copy-written tales, celebrated in simple but powerful out-of-home posters.

The campaign features two different stories: a stranger who sat talking with a person in need on a park bench for four hours, and another who helped a cyclist who’d been thrown off their bike after hitting a pothole.

Sam Wainwright from KIND, said: “At KIND, our goal is to help people be kinder to their bodies through our snacks and communities by inspiring more acts of kindness.

“Over the past two years of running this campaign, we’ve discovered that everyone has their own example of an incredible selfless act that has profoundly impacted them.

“This platform allows us to spotlight just a handful of those stories and connect with people at the same time.

“Whether that’s through billboards, statues, or simply by handing out KIND bars with positive notes on the street. We aim to inspire even more kindness in our communities.”

Alex Lewis, co-Founder of Revolt, said: “Revolt has been working with KIND to develop its mission rooted in the power of kindness.

“Through our simple but powerful creative, we’ve been able to tell real stories of everyday acts of kindness that will inspire people and help KIND move forward with its goal of inspiring kind communities.”