Kieran Hodgson to launch podcast about acting life

kieran hodgson - podcast

Three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and BBC2’s Two Doors Down regular Kieran Hodgson is set to launch a brand-new podcast.

Called Makes Art Will Travel, the new podcast will explore the world of artists on the road.

Kieran Hodgson on the road

As a comedian, Kieran travels an awful lot; playing gigs and filming up and down the country, and across the world, comes with the job. 

The same can be said for so many artists and performers – if you speak to musicians, actors, wrestlers, poets, circus performers and, of course, comedians, you’ll find one thing they have in common – they all need to take to the road to carve out their career.

This may sound like a wonderful lifestyle, but comfortable transport and a decent hotel is a luxury many artists are forced to forgo on low-budget tours. 

Performers and artist of all types criss-cross the country and the world as they build their reputation by bringing their art to the people. It’s challenging, sometimes gruelling and, for transport nerd Kieran Hodgson, absolutely fascinating.

In this new podcast, Hodgson interviews artists from all fields and walks of life to discuss their experiences of touring: how and why they do it, where they go, and what they’ve learned in the process. 

At a time when the whole country is stuck at home, people have a newfound appreciation for simple freedoms they may have taken for granted: to travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles and to experience live performance. 

‘Makes Art Will Travel’ is a celebration of those freedoms, and of the stories and life lessons they have brought to countless people.

Hidden side of showbiz

From the excitement of an unexpected triumph in a village hall in Oxfordshire, to the nightmare of a slow train home after getting booed off stage in Sunderland, Kieran talks through the mental and physical wear and tear that being a touring artist can mean. 

Listeners can expect a glimpse into a side of showbiz that often remains hidden: the practicalities of life on the road and rails – travelling on buses, trains, planes, in hired vans, not forgetting the much relied on Megabus.

Guests for the first series include:

  • Josie Long – Comedian
  • Lolly Adefope – Comedian & Actor
  • Grado – Wrestler
  • Rose Matafeo – Comedian
  • Ben Glassberg-Frost – Conductor
  • Liz Jadav – Actor
  • Rose Matafeo – Comedian
  • Ruben Platt AKA ‘SwingTing’ – DJ
  • Rosie Jones – Comedian
  • Arabella Weir – Actor and Comedian
  • Kiri Pritchard-McLean – Comedian