Kia plugs into VICE Media for ‘Uncapital Route’ ad by Innocean Berlin


Kia has teamed up with VICE Media for a series of mini documentaries that take the “Uncapital Route” across the continent, promoting the possibilities opened up by Kia’s extensive European charging network as they go.

Uncapital Route

Created by Innocean Berlin in conjunction with Havas Media Network, the Uncapital Route campaign shines the spotlight on six emerging cultural hubs outside of the big cities.

As the cost of living drives creativity out of European capitals, smaller places – including Granada, Offenbach, Turin, Marseille, Manchester and Rotterdam – are becoming creative hotspots in their own right.

Using VICE’s extensive network of local creators, Innocean’s campaign shares Kia’s message that inspiration is everywhere and, thanks to Kia’s charging network and EV ecosystem, customers can find it even in the remotest of places.

The films, shot and produced in each market’s native language, follow a simple premise: a local VICE host hits the road in a Kia EV, headed for their chosen destination.

There, they meet local creatives who offer an insider perspective on unique local scenes and detail how these cities inspire their practice.

The six eight-minute videos are accompanied by social cutdowns of 30-45 seconds. All the content will appear on VICE Media and Kia channels to promote Kia Charge, which allows all Kia EV drivers to charge their cars across at one of over 500,000 European charging points with only one simple RFID card.

Gabriel Mattar, European CCO of INNOCEAN Worldwide, said: “This is a ground-breaking project for Kia. It’s our ongoing mission to establish Kia as the brand that moves creative minds, and this collaboration proves how Kia offers much more than sustainable mobility solutions – it opens an entire world of opportunities for inspiration.”

David Hilbert, Marketing Director of Kia Europe, said: “With this series, we wanted to develop content to inspire exploration and movement. By working with VICE, the aim was to create meaningful stories that tap into unique themes for each country.

“Using our award-winning electric models, such as the EV6, EV9 and Niro, we want to showcase how effortless and easy electric mobility has now become.”