KFC reinvents loyalty programme with Pinballer launch by RAPP


RAPP UK has launched Pinballer, reinventing another gaming classic for KFC‘s in-app rewards programme, The Rewards Arcade.


Pinballer is a fun, immersive, interactive experience  which offers chicken lovers even more chances to win free chicken, instantly.

The new game is a reimagined classic built from the ground up using the Unreal Engine.

KFC’s unique Pinballer table has been created in CGI, using classic pinball-inspired elements all within a realistic urban environment – with the added KFC charm and twist.

Players will be able to enjoy an immersive, 3D experience when they play Pinballer as well being given the chance to win free chicken.

It’s available to customers who spend £3 or over on their order through an in-app invitation.

Instant prizes are available with 12 menu items up for grabs, including 6-piece Bargain Buckets, Burgers, Wraps and Popcorn chicken. The invite to play applies to both in-store and click-and-collect orders.

Al Mackie, CCO, RAPP UK, said: “The Rewards Arcade has helped transform loyalty for KFC, with more customers engaging with the brand and coming back for more chicken.

“Our inhouse team had a lot of fun working on this. From testing the physics of the ball’s journey around the table to crafting all of the game journeys to supercharge the customer experience.

“It’s great to see it come to life and even better if you win.”

Aislinn Campbell, Marketing Lead – Customer Growth at KFC, said: “The brand new Pinballer game in the KFC Rewards Arcade is a testament to the great collaboration between KFC and the whole RAPP team, creating a truly immersive and distinctive experience for our customers that we know they are going to love.

“Experiences like this are so important on our journey to becoming digital-first as a brand”.

‘KFC Rewards Arcade’ launched last autumn in the KFC app with Hammer Time, a take on the classic fairground game where players swing hammers to ring a bell and win.

The loyalty programme re-invented loyalty in the QSR sector and has generated outstanding results for KFC – increasing customer frequency, weekly app downloads, transactions and daily app users, and not least rewards redeemed for customers.