Keys to ad effectiveness on LinkedIn for luxury brands revealed


VidMob, the platform for creative effectiveness, today released findings from its creative insights research ‘Luxury Creative Video Insights’.

The report identifies which creative elements, corresponding creative principles, and best practices drive the highest performance for luxury brands’ paid advertising content on LinkedIn.

Ad effectiveness

Overall, changes in creative design, such as product placement, colour scheme, musicality, and scene pacing were seen to improve key metrics.

VidMob analysed 2,300 ads and over 120 million impressions on LinkedIn globally for a year, uncovering which key visual elements and creative strategies drove higher performance.


These included: 

  • Let the icon take centre stage: When talent appeared after the first three seconds of the video ad, it resulted in 460% lift above the average of ads with the talent shown within the first three seconds.
  • Sounds perfect: Awareness creatives that did not include spoken dialogue or subtitles between 25% to 100% VTR (View Through Rate) outperformed creatives with subtitles, demonstrating that the use of music and visual storytelling is the primary aural vehicle to drive the narrative in luxury.
  • A beautiful revelation: Highlighting the hero product close-up in the opening scene before giving a full-view product shot had a 242% lift in 25% VTR ads’ performance and an increased CTR of 5.5%.
  • Perfect timing: Creatives with one to two scene changes in the first three seconds led to an 8% lift for ads with a VTR of 100%. Medium pacing also allowed for luxury brands to utilise storytelling more than frenetic scene changes would.
  • Tell timeless tales: Videos that showed an artisan at work in their natural setting resulted in a 3.2% lift in Consideration in ads with a VTR of 100% and a 9% lift against Awareness.

The insights are based on findings from VidMob Creative Analytics that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify which creative elements are present in the ad, before aggregating those unique creative elements to determine at scale which creative visuals are helping or hindering KPI performance.

“Creative is the most important component to campaign success and LinkedIn offers a unique whitespace opportunity for brands to advertise and reach their target audiences.

“This report underpins LinkedIn’s goal to support advertisers’ success and to drive performance”, said Prune Nouvion, Head of Southern Europe at VidMob.

“VidMob’s technology ultimately helps brands understand how to create better content for LinkedIn by leveraging the brands first-party creative data and infusing that data into the creative process to drive creative effectiveness.”