Keep it Secret: Work With Island launches new ad by The Good Company


Work With Island, a French brand of easy-to-use, flexible acoustic phone booths for open plan offices, has entrusted its new Keep it Secret campaign to The Good Company.

Following the Open Space Orchestra concert at Vivatech last summer, the brand is back on the campaign trail with an offbeat, no-holds-barred concept that establishes the Work With Island phone booth as the ideal spot to spill office gossip, usually whispered in the corner by the coffee machine.

Keep it secret

The Good Company’s Keep it Secret campaign for Work With Island comes at a time when workplace wellness has become a central focus.

The brand’s booths offer soundproofing that can improve employee experience and productivity, and facilitate meetings in workspaces, but could they have another use?

Like a bubble of intimacy, conducive to gossip, away from prying ears, the Work With Island booth also offers the undeniably ideal place to unwind, decompress and dish in the heart of an open plan office.

Nicolas Gadesaude, Creative Director at The Good Company, said: “Anecdotes and secrets in an open-plan office are an inexhaustible source of insight in advertising, and the Work With Island cubicles provided an unbeatable opportunity to play them up.

“We wanted to create a campaign in which everyone could recognise themselves or someone they work with, a campaign that was the opposite of the idealised stock photos of the corporate world, a campaign that told the truth, even if it’s secret, a fun, colourful campaign because the office offers an indispensable social connection where people can laugh”.

Using a quirky, uplifting tone, Work With Island aims to stand out with the colourful campaign, unique to the acoustic booth market.

The brand awareness campaign launched in print and digital, on the brand’s website and its social channels, where the public was invited to share the secrets they’d overheard in their open plan office through an Instagram story activation.

With “Keep it Secret” by The Good Company for Work With Island, office secrets now have a place all their own.