John Lewis releases ‘Unexpected Guest’ 2021 Christmas advert

John Lewis Unexpected Guest Christmas ad 2021 - mediashotz

Today at 6.30am, John Lewis launched its 2021 Christmas advertising campaign called ‘Unexpected Guest’ and created with ad agency adam&eveDDB. 

The two minute advert is a joyful, intergalactic story of friendship, which celebrates the magic of Christmas moments experienced for the first time. 

“We know our customers are more excited than ever for Christmas, craving joyful moments, togetherness and escapism as so many were unable to celebrate with loved ones last year” John Lewis said.

‘Unexpected Guest’

This year the retailer takes viewers on a magical Christmas journey, all through the eyes of the lead characters, a young boy called Nathan and the space traveller, Skye. 

Nathan discovers and befriends Skye, who has landed in the woods beside his home. Their friendship develops as Nathan introduces Skye to many of his family’s festive traditions and brings them to life for her in the woods. 

They decorate the tree with fairy lights, celebrate the tradition of eating and hosting together, as he encourages her to try her first mince pie, and he also introduces her to the joy of thoughtful gifting by giving her his Christmas jumper. 

Through these shared moments, we see the magic of Christmas through the eyes of someone who has never experienced it before.

Electric Dreams

This year’s soundtrack to the advert is performed by Lola Young, a 20 year old singer-songwriter from South London. 

The track ‘Together in Electric Dreams’, originally released by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder in 1984, was chosen as a celestial compliment to the advert. 

Young is an up and coming British talent, she was chosen for her rich and unique sound which brings to life the magic of the advert and the friendship that develops on screen.

The ‘Unexpected Guest’ Story

Created in partnership with adam&eveDDB, this year’s ad follows the story of Nathan, a 14 year old boy on his way home from school who spots a flashing light in the distance and chases it to the woods beside his home; it is here that he encounters 14 year old space traveller, Skye and her ship from another galaxy. 

The ice is broken as Nathan adapts his own Christmas jumper by adding a star and twinkly lights – just like Skye’s. The pair spark a friendship and we watch as Nathan helps her to discover the magic of her first Christmas.

Premiering on ITV this evening

This year, 3.7m My John Lewis members saw the advert via their exclusive email access from 6.30am before it launches on the firm’s website and social media channels at 8am. 

The ad will first air on TV this evening at 8.15pm on ITV, in a special premiere during The Pride of Britain Awards.

Claire Pointon, Director of Customer at John Lewis, said: “There is nothing more magical than discovering the joy of Christmas for the first time and enjoying your favourite festive moments with loved ones. 

“After the last 18 months, we wanted our advert to really celebrate this as we look forward to a brighter future. We know our customers are excited for this festive season more than ever, as they reconnect with family and friends. 

John Lewis Unexpected Guest 2021 christmas ad - mediashotz
Space and time: ‘Nathan’ and ‘Skye’ show universal appeal of christmas.

“Through the story of Skye and Nathan we celebrate friendship and  are reminded of the joy of experiencing Christmas for the first time.”

Singer Lola Young said: “I feel super honoured to be a part of this, growing up I always watched the John Lewis Christmas adverts, they’re iconic and so it kinda feels surreal getting asked to be in one. 

“It also means a lot as an up and coming artist to be a part of something this special.

“Together In Electric Dreams is a very beautiful song. I love that era of music and I think Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder are incredible. 

“The lyric and soul within the song is something inspirational, fitting to the story within the ad. I feel so excited to be covering it and working with John Lewis.”