JET study finds what UK motorists miss most from not driving

JET driver study

With lockdowns across the country, there has been much less traffic on the road. Those looking to go to Driving School Durham have needed to wait for restrictions to lift. Working from home seems to be the new normal, getting rid of the daily commute for millions of workers. A lot of change has occurred in the last year. But, as restrictions begin to lift and a nation eases out of lockdown, JET – one of the UK’s leading fuel brands – polled 2000 UK drivers to find out what they’ve missed most about driving during lockdown and why they’re happy to be back on the road.

JET driver study

Almost half of all UK drivers, 43%, stated that the thing they’d missed most was the sense of freedom with 29% explaining that they’ve also missed the opportunity to drive somewhere new.

However for some, the best driving moments are related to simply being in a private space – taking time out to reflect and treating yourself to some much-needed ‘me time’.

JET said that 22% of the drivers polled in the survey explained that ‘peace and quiet’ and ‘having time to yourself’ has been a much-missed part of driving.

And for others (18%) they are relishing a return to those heart to heart catch-ups we only seem to have while on the road.

The survey also revealed we are a nation of secret singers! There is a famous quote (attributed to Mark Twain, among others) that tells us to ‘Dance like no one is watching’ and ‘Sing like no one is listening’ – and for many drivers there is no greater pleasure than belting out some classics and being the star of your own playlist while on the road.

And according to the poll, more than one-in-ten UK drivers (12%) are happy to admit that they ‘sing like they are the star of a West End show’ while driving!

jet driver study 2021

And let’s not forget the joys of dropping by the service station for a coffee or snack.

A massive part of our communities, they have stayed open throughout the pandemic – enabling front line workers to stay mobile with many sites adapting their retail offer to meet the needs of their customers. It’s a simple pleasure many drivers have missed.

“At JET we always try and see things from the driver’s perspective,” said Áine Corkery, Manager, Brand UK Marketing, Phillips 66 Limited.

“The more we understand about our customers the better the service we can provide.

“For some it’s about reconnecting – driving to see family and friends while for others it represents autonomy and freedom – an adventure waiting to reveal itself.

“But whatever the reason for taking to the road our role at JET remains the same and that is to get the drivers who visit our forecourts back on the road quickly and safely.”

Top 10 most-missed moments of driving pre-lockdown:

  1. A sense of freedom (43%)
  2. Driving to somewhere new (29%)
  3. Peace, quiet and having time to yourself (22%)
  4. Adventure/going on a ride for the fun of it (21%)
  5. Heart-to-heart catch-ups and meaningful conversations (18%)
  6. Blasting out your driving mix with the windows rolled down (17%)
  7. Tuning into your favourite radio show, audiobook or podcast (12%)
  8. Singing like you’re the star of your own West-End show (12%)
  9. Visiting the service station for a quick hot drink and snack (11%)
  10. Driving on some of the UK’s best roads (9%)