Jet reveals hilarious top dramas among UK drivers

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Busting for a wee, kids being sick in the car and falling out with family and friends have all been identified as top driver dramas according to new research by leading fuel brand – JET.

Conducted online in August, 1250 UK drivers were asked to vote for the most likely driving and service station dramas and to share some personal experiences – with often surprising (and funny) results!

Top dramas for drivers

Forgetting something important at home but being too far away to go back for it has been revealed as the most likely driving drama – according to 57% of UK drivers. 

The second most likely driving drama, polling 54% of the votes, is desperately needing the loo but being stuck in the car with the kids being sick/wetting themselves and the fuel pump being on the wrong side of the car in joint third place with 39%.

isobel forecourt dramas for jet
Forecourt dramas: Jet’s hilarious new campaign shows how we drivers sometimes overdo the drama.

Other dramas identified by UK drivers include: being late for a wedding (20%); breaking up on route (18%); leaving the window down during a carwash (17%) and forgetting to pay for your fuel (12%)!

The research comes on the back of a humorous new TV campaign by JET that explores a number of ‘Forecourt Dramas’. 

In one we see a bridesmaid (played by Call The Midwife star Ella Bruccoleri) in full melt down mode as she thinks they don’t have enough time to fill up only for her mood to change in an instant as her wedding partner explains that it’s all done – complete with the end line: here for drivers not dramas. 

As well as voting for the most likely/most common UK driving dramas, the drivers polled were asked to share their own personal driving dramas – and they weren’t slow in coming forward!

One driver tells how she didn’t know how to stop the Slushie machine and watched in horror as it flooded the shop floor, another explains her embarrassment as she realised the pump nozzle was stuck in her car with a third recounting children with uncontrollable upset stomachs, a hazard oil light flashing on and off, a queue for fuel – and all while being late for a wedding!

Other dramas experienced by UK drivers include: driving off with the hose still connected, getting cross that the car wouldn’t unlock – only to realise it wasn’t her car, getting stuck in a car wash, leaving wallet at home, no coffee available and going into labour on a forecourt!

Top 10 Most Likely UK Driving Dramas:

  1. Realising you’ve forgotten something way too far from home
  2. Busting for a wee and nearly not making it in time
  3. Pulling up to the fuel pump and realising it’s on the wrong side
  4. Kids being sick/wetting themselves
  5. Service station closed
  6. Coffee machine out of order
  7. Hearing football teams bad result
  8. Falling out with friends/family
  9. Late for wedding
  10. Breaking up on route.