JET poll reveals what our choice of car colour says about us

jet car colour poll - mediashotz

In a new poll from fuel brand JET, 81% of UK drivers stated that colour is key when it comes to choosing a car. 

But what does that colour choice reveal about the person behind the wheel?

JET, which is currently running a ‘Yellow World’ campaign, asked 1,500 drivers from across the UK a number of questions to explore a correlation between car colour and character – with some surprising results.

Character and car colour

According to the research, black cars are the most popular (25%) followed by blue (18%), silver (16%) and white (12%). 

At the other end of the spectrum – yellow, pink, orange and gold cars are much rarer on the road but no less revealing about the person behind the wheel.

When asked to state their primary personality trait, close to half (43%) of green car drivers describe themselves as ‘happy’ followed by white car drivers (31%). 

Confident drivers are most likely to be found in orange cars (31%) with those who consider themselves to be ‘cautious’ to be found in blue cars (23%). 

And if you’re looking for optimists, then look no further than pink and black car drivers –  with a combined 43% considering themselves to be optimistic.

Yellow cars are rare on the road – but if you see one, the research has revealed that the person behind the wheel is most likely to be ‘curious and adventurous’ (29%). 

And the rebel? Check out the gold car drivers – 14% cited their primary characteristic as ‘rebellious’!

Commenting on the study, Áine Corkery, Manager, Brand, Phillips 66 Limited said: “The ‘Yellow World’ content, a continuation of our Keep on Moving campaign and brand idea, is inspired by the blue and yellow branding that has become synonymous with JET. 

“As a driver-first business we are always keen to know as much about our customers as possible and we thought it would be fun to explore the link between car colour and character – with some illuminating results!”

Key findings:

  • 81% of UK drivers stated that colour choice when choosing a car is ‘very important’ or ‘somewhat important’
  • ‘Happy’ is the most cited characteristic amongst UK drivers (26%)
  • Grey car drivers most likely to be ‘calm’ (14%)
  • London drivers are the happiest (36%)
  • Drivers from Yorkshire are the most optimistic (20%)
  • Adventurous drivers are most likely to be found in Northern Ireland (13%)
  • Drivers who are 65+ are the most confident (17%)
  • Scotland bucked national colour trends and voted ‘blue’ the top car colour of choice (23%)
  • Colour choice is most important amongst 18-24 year olds (84%)