Jericho Ridge with VFX by POD LDN now streaming on BET+


Tense British siege survival thriller Jericho Ridge is now showing across European cinemas, film festivals and on Black culture streaming platform BET+, capturing the imagination of audiences everywhere.

Jericho Ridge

Jericho Ridge was written and directed by BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Will Gilbey in his feature length directorial debut.

The film’s action is brought to life through VFX effects by post-production company POD LDN which worked alongside other post-production outfits, including Cheat.

Jericho Ridge spotlights a host of UK talent, from its cast that includes Nigerian-British actress Nikki Amuka-Bird and rising star Zack Morris, to the production team at DLNQNT (working alongside global company Silver Lining Productions), and the London-based post-production team at POD LDN headed up by Founder, Adrienn Major.

The storyline centres on policewoman, Deputy Tabby Temple, played by Amuka-Bird.

Trapped without backup, the Black single mother fights for survival, defending herself and her son, when her sheriff station in a small American town is targeted by a murderous drug cartel.

The cast of this highly original feature film includes Michael Socha, Olivia Chenery, Zack Morris and Philipp Christopher.

Gilbey’s directorial vision was to build tension through VFX effects, so the audience is viewing the story through the dash-cams of the police cars and security cameras in the sheriff’s office.

Making these scenes in post-production enabled him to have full control over the timing and dramatisation.

Over 200 shots required VFX and most were planned to be invisible, like screen inserts and touch-ups, as well as more pronounced effects like muzzle flashes.

The VFX also helped to make the location feel realistic by making adjustments to the weather conditions throughout.

Since its premier at the 35th Galway Film Festival in July, Jericho Ridge has been met with acclaim at film festivals internationally including North West Fest!; Heartland International Film Festival ; and Calgary International Film Festival.

Selected last month by the New York Times as one of the top action movies, it’s also streaming now on BET+.

Film Director and BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Will Gilbey said: “Working with POD LDN on Jericho Ridge was nothing short of a fantastic experience. They were efficient, creative and constantly exceeded my expectations; delivering VFX shots that were better than anything I could have imagined.

“I would jump at the chance to work with them again and would recommend them heartily to any other filmmakers looking for quality and value for money.”

The project was announced as starting principal photography in March 2022 and the nine-week shoot took place in Kosovo, produced by Alex Tate and Harvey Ascott, with Besnik Krapi, Mark O’Sullivan and Richard Caleel executive producing.