JDO launches >Soap to tackle COVID-linked hygiene poverty


London brand agency JDO has worked itself into a lather by creating a completely new hygiene brand called >Soap, but it’s for a very worthy cause.

The company said that, given the year we’ve all just experienced, it wanted to use its creativity as a force for good this Christmas, to shine a light on hygiene poverty.

>Soap concept

Inspired by the belief that hygiene poverty is a problem that we can tackle together, JDO’s personal care concept is an ethically-sourced brand that illustrates how, as a society, we are greater than hygiene poverty.

The agency added that the new product advocates change through community, cleanliness and compassion.

More than just hope: JDO wants to raise awareness of hygiene poverty.

JDO noted that, as the pandemic took its toll across the nation and the world, many were swept into poverty.

The numbers are simply staggering it said, with over 14 million people in the UK, including more than a quarter of children, suffering from scarcity.

“Too many of us have been forced to prioritise how we spend our limited funds and, for a third of us, that means making the difficult choice to go without basic hygiene essentials,” the brand agency said.

“Being caught in a situation like this can have long-lasting negative impact on peoples’ wellbeing and on our society as a whole.”

Ethical packaging

With simple elegance and ethical materials, the design features a powerful die-cut of a greater-than sign, boldly highlighting the brand’s cause.

The outer packaging is made with 100% recycled card, and the soap itself is wrapped in luxurious paper printed and designed with a gold-leaf pattern of abstract soap lather.

JDO claimed that this balance of sophistication and sustainability, reinforces the brand’s overall belief that hygiene is linked to the wellbeing of people, and how it should be available to all.

“By taking a premium approach to convey the brand’s purpose, the design for >Soap highlights how feeling clean should not be a privilege and that everyone is entitled to dignity,” said Fiona Florence, Managing Director at JDO.

“In breaking down the barriers between us and them, >Soap communicates that we are all in this together and that together, we can achieve more.

“Ultimately, it’s more than a bar of soap – it’s about how we take care of each other.”

Action, not hope

This Christmas, JDO will be donating its 2020 Christmas fund to The Hygiene Bank here in the UK as well as The Right to Shower in the US – but this is just the beginning of its commitment to empower and unite people to fight hygiene poverty.

Not only is the agency looking to produce the new product, but JDO hopes to collaborate with influencers within the creative industry to raise awareness of the cause throughout 2021 and beyond.