Jay Shetty marks WMHD with London voxpop on Piccadilly Lights

World Mental Health Day Piccadilly Lights1

Bestselling author and chief purpose officer at Calm Jay Shetty is taking over the world-famous Piccadilly Lights in London for World Mental Health Day (today, 10 October) to remind us that we all struggle and we’re not alone.

Shetty’s message is one of inclusion and acceptance, highlighting the power of acknowledging our own emotions. 

One in four people struggle with their mental health but we often don’t feel comfortable talking about how we feel.

The Piccadilly Lights location is managed by Ocean Outdoor.

Jay Shetty broadcast

The 10-minute broadcast (at 8am and 8pm) suggests that, to cope with difficult situations, we often attempt to block the negative emotions.

It demonstrates that when we shut ourselves down and block negative emotions, we also block out any other emotion. 

This process can impact us negatively as we’re built to feel positive and negative emotions every day because that’s what makes us human.

“I believe we all need to feel seen, heard and understood but often struggle to find a safe space to do so”, Shetty said. 

“I took to the streets hoping that we could provide that outlet for people by having real, open, honest, and vulnerable conversations with no judgment. 

“It was truly an honour to share these moments with the people I met. We cried, we laughed, I listened, and I learned. 

“I hope this encourages more people to start conversations at home, in the workplace and amongst friends”

Derek Manns, Commercial Media Director at Landsec, said: “Piccadilly Lights has an important role to play in bringing attention to important issues. 

“With one in four people struggling with their mental health we hope that sharing Jay’s message with the public will spark conversations and help people who are struggling to feel seen.”

For those looking for new ways to cope with negative emotions and embrace difficult feelings, Shetty’s Piccadilly Lights message includes a QR code that links to his podcast “On Purpose with Jay Shetty.” 

In the featured episode, Shetty speaks to clinical psychologist Dr Julie Smith.