ITV, ViewersLogic reveal power of single-source data in sponsor study


ITV, the UK commercial broadcaster, recently partnered with consumer behaviour data company ViewersLogic to demonstrate the enhanced measurement capabilities that single-source data can bring to its sponsorship packages for advertisers with On The Beach and KFC case studies.

The collaboration with ViewersLogic enabled measurement of both the short and long term uplift effect of consumer exposure to the brands’ ITV sponsorships in isolation, across all platforms and devices.

Website visits and app downloads were the chosen metrics for the two case studies, although ViewersLogic’s data can also track in-store footfall and online sales.

ViewersLogic single-source ITV study

ViewersLogic analysed the short-term uplift of On the Beach Holidays’ sponsorship of The Masked Singer in conjunction with the brand’s regular TV spots to determine the effectiveness of sponsorships on ITV programming.

Using website visits for as the key metric in this analysis, the sponsorship had both a direct and indirect positive effect on web traffic.

ViewersLogic’s data showed a substantial uplift in response rates across both direct and indirect traffic, including:

  • A 78% increase from those who had seen both the TV spot and the sponsorship compared to the group only exposed to the former.
  • TV spot response rates fell by 3% amongst those not watching The Masked Singer during the sponsorship period.
  • Viewers who were exposed to the sponsorship increased their TV spot response rate by 10%, for a cumulative 13% increase.


These results demonstrate the sponsorship’s successful “multiplier” effect on On the Beach’s broader campaign performance, indicating the synergy of TV spots and sponsorship working together.

ViewersLogic also analysed the effectiveness of KFC’s sponsorship of World Cup coverage on ITV and the effect it had on the company’s delivery app usage.

Findings revealed that KFC increased its share of app usage across the board, but the increase was 41% higher among those who had seen at least one hour of the coverage between Sep-Oct 2022 and Jan-Jun 2023.

Positive results from the sponsorship were also observed in responsiveness to KFC TV spots, with World Cup viewers remaining more responsive than non-viewers over a nine month period (to May 2023).

This divergence increased over time: with viewer responsiveness remaining steady throughout the analysis period, while non-viewer responsiveness gradually dropped.


Ronny Golan, CEO and Co-Founder of ViewersLogic, said, “We’re delighted to have partnered with the UK’s leading broadcaster.

“Measuring indirect incremental lift is typically not possible without expensive, time-consuming, and retrospective econometric studies, whereas ViewersLogic’s data works in real-time, allowing brands to optimise advertising efforts mid-flight.”

Sameer Modha, Commercial Measurement Innovation Lead at ITV said, “ViewersLogic’s data proved to be a welcome addition to the suite of cutting-edge tools we use to help our clients understand the value of their sponsorship spend.

“The challenge for sponsorship as part of a multi-channel campaign is to isolate its effectiveness from other activity and understand its direct impact on sales and other business metrics.

“ViewersLogic’s data offers a cost-effective and efficient method to confidently deliver such metrics to our clients.”