The 2019 Christmas ads are coming thick n fast, and we love it here at MediaShotz. So when we saw the new Aldi campaign drop we were among the first to check it out.

And it didn’t disappoint. Not only did the upstart German supermarket group bring back our beloved Kevin the Carrot, we were also treated to a exciting, dramatic and musically unashamed treat of a story.

We could outline the plot for you, but it’s probably better if you just curl up for a moment, grab and tea and enjoy the short film – okay advert – yourself.


Well, what did you think? Did the reworked Robbie Williams anthem Let Me Entertain You get you all goo-ey eyed? Or was it the on point Peaky Blinders storyline that had you on the edge of your seat?

The work was created by McCann in Manchester, to whom we have to say thanks for introducing us to new characters Russell Sprout and his crew of ‘Leafy Blinders’ and Tiny Tom.

We’re sure we’ll see more of them in the months ahead.

Our success rating 78%:

Storyline strength: 8

Call to action: 7

Visual impact: 8

Memorability: 8

Fun to watch: 8