Isobel 2022 Christmas card is ‘Les Not-so-Miserables’


2022 has been a tough one for everyone; but rather than reflect any doom and gloom in its annual agency Christmas card, isobel has picked the richest, most opulent period of history for this year’s theme. 

And the team is hoping it won’t get their heads chopped off.

Isobel Christmas card 2022

The London based independent creative agency, famous for creating an annual Christmas photographic tableau featuring their whole team, have this year created a flamboyant 18th century scene from the French aristocracy.

Shot in one take, the card features Emperor Napoleon, general aristocratic opulence, wardrobe from the National Theatre, and even the latest addition to the isobel family, nine-month-old Olive Humphreys.

Previous isobel Christmas cards have included Swan Lake, Glee, an East End Boozer, A Retirement Home, a Salvation Army brass band, and even inmates from a State Penitentiary.

Isobel uses its annual Christmas card shoots as an opportunity for everyone to come together, dress up, get into character, have fun, and create something special. 

Rob Fletcher, Founder and Executive Creative Director at isobel, said: “For the 17th annual isobel Christmas card, we’re flying in the face of the current cost of living crisis and have created the most opulent, extravagant Christmas card ever created. 

“Shot on location in Mayfair using costumes from the National Theatre with an attitude not seen since 18th century France.”

Isobel’s 2022 Christmas card was shot by photographer Paul Thompson.

C’est magnifique!