Is the global influencer market on the road to a higher purpose?

tomorrow's influencer market - original Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you think the influencer market is already a bit saturated, then prepare yourself for a shock, because they’re just warming-up.

Not only are tomorrow’s influencers going to be greater in number, they’re going to be a whole lot smarter and much more selective about which brands they partner with…

So says Julia Burton Brown, Commercial Director at influencer marketing agency, Tailify

Julia Burton Brown tailify
Julia Burton Brown, Commercial Director, Tailify

What is the essential problem that influencers solve for marketers going forward?

The landscape of marketing has shifted seismically in recent years. People no longer trust brands, they trust people. 

Coupled with a new generational cohort who are renouncing traditional channels, no longer watching live TV or turning to websites for news. 

Their attitudes will shape the future of media, moving marketing power from brands to people. So, how can we reach them? The answer is: with authentic influencers. 

The world is always changing. How do you expect influencers themselves to evolve?

Just as brands have to adapt to the new consumer, influencers are also evolving. Realness is a big part of this, and we are seeing that in the mass exodus from Instagram, with its glossy surfaces and aspirational perfection, to TikTok, which is messier, more live and more viral. 

Adult users are spending more time on TikTok than on any other social platform in the UK, so going forward we can expect influencers to reflect life much more closely – jettisoning mocked-up, unrealistic lives in favour of communicating real experiences, real struggles.

The natural evolution of this would seem to be that we will see more and more influencers, both big and small. Is that how you see it?

Inevitably, we are going to see more and more creators. Not all these influencers will necessarily be making a living at it, but those who do will have incredible power. 

Already, we are seeing influencers with as much clout as whole industries, both in terms of reach and direct influence on consumers and sales. 

Influencer market - Image by Florin Radu from Pixabay
Growing influence: The influencer market could become the world’s biggest industry by headcount alone.

Our Head of Product and R&D Ian Randolph has predicted that creators could become the single biggest industry in the world by headcount, particularly as brands look for consistent ROI in the face of an impending recession.

And the challenge for influencers and brands is to partner in such a way that the brand benefits from that authenticity, rather than breaking the spell…?

Influencers are becoming increasingly protective of their authenticity, and with good reason.

Being real is their USP, particularly in contrast to conventional advertising. Already we are seeing influencers policing their endorsements more carefully, unapologetically saying ‘no’when they don’t sense a fit with the brand.

From a brand’s perspective, the focus is now on finding the right fit, rather than looking to influencers to always provide huge volume.

Which is why micro-creators are on the rise – successful brands know it’s better to hit exactly the right market than to get in front of millions of people who don’t care.

The tricky part is finding that fit.

Tailify works with brands and the infuencer market
Influenced: Agencies like Tailify specialise in matching brands with influencers.

At Tailify we’ve built technology to delve beyond surface metrics, detecting and reporting on the subtle scientific indicators to deliver better influencer matches for brands (and better ROI).

And once a brand has found the right fit, they need to give the influencer space to be themselves, because their authenticity is what you’re buying – not a carefully scripted ad, but a recommendation from someone whose opinion counts.