IRIS.TV partners with PubMatic to expand contextual targeting footprint and pubmatic

Video data platform IRIS.TV and PubMatic, a sell-side platform that delivers superior outcomes for digital advertising, have announced a global partnership to expand buyers’ access to contextually targeted connected TV (CTV) and video inventory in efficient, biddable environments. 

Media buyers can now access leading video data targeting tools enabled by IRIS.TV to target advertising across PubMatic’s brand-safe cross-screen programmatic inventory.

Pubmatic and IRIS.TV

With ad spend on digital video and CTV rising, brand safety and verification tools are essential to protect brand equity and combat ad fraud. 

Data-driven, video-level targeting enables brands to better plan, activate, and measure CTV and video advertising campaigns and ensure brand safety is not compromised. 

Additionally, post-campaign verification maximises return on investment and provides insights that help prevent ad fraud.

IRIS.TV directly and uniquely onboards media companies’ video data, enabling it to be accessed by trusted third parties for video-level contextual targeting and brand-safety analysis across all screens and devices. 

Media buyers can now leverage video-level contextual and brand-safety data for targeting via private marketplaces or header-bidding enabled, real-time auctions across PubMatic’s portfolio of premium, “IRIS-enabled” publishers. 

This eliminates the brand safety risks associated with relying solely on web-page text analysis for targeting.

“Marketers, content creators and advertising platforms are increasing their investments in CTV and digital entertainment”, said Sean Holzman, Head of Platform Strategy at IRIS.TV.  

“Being able to effectively target granular audiences and present advertising next to brand-safe content is essential to the long-term success of these investments”. 

“As a pioneer in programmatic CTV and one of the industry’s leading omni-channel sell-side platforms, PubMatic shares our vision of expanding data-driven buying of premium video and CTV inventory. 

“We look forward to serving PubMatic’s brand and agency clients with access to privacy-compliant video-level data across any platform and any screen.”

Jonas Olsen, Global Vice President Video at PubMatic, said: “There is a shift toward automated, biddable trading of high-value CTV and video inventory, and we are helping advertisers access the inventory they want while also helping them achieve a more transparent supply chain”.

“Partnering with IRIS.TV gives our media buyers confidence to explore the opportunity presented by programmatic CTV at scale. 

“Along with providing video-level targeting and data-driven insights, the partnership enables brands to maximise their return on investment in premium online video and CTV environments.”