INSPIRE education charity launches rebrand by WMH&I


Branding agency WMH&I has created a new identity for London’s biggest education charity, INSPIRE, following the merger of two Education Business Partnerships (EBP) – INSPIRE and 15 Billion.

INSPIRE rebrand

The rebrand reinforces the enlarged organisation’s role and purpose as a flag-bearer for a more diverse workforce across the capital.

Retaining the INSPIRE name as the more established charity, the new identity aims to unite the two organisations under one brand while appealing to its key audiences across education, business, and young people.

According to a report by the Greater London Authority in 2020, while London is one of the most diverse cities in the world with over 40% of its population being from a minority ethnic background, this diversity is not reflected in its workforce.

This is why INSPIRE wants to break down the barriers that hinder social mobility and make aspirations achievable for all young people, regardless of class, gender, race or ability.

WMH&I created a new logo, which has transformed the I of INSPIRE into an open door to reflect the charity’s role in “opening doors” of opportunity for young people, which in turn opens them up to new ideas, possibilities, and life choices.

This ‘open door’ device forms the basis to the new visual identity. A beam of light shines through the door, and can hold photography, illustration, and typography. This creates a sense of optimism and positivity.

The door monogram is used beyond the logo in illustration and icons. The colour palette was chosen to give the brand a sophisticated, yet vibrant tone.

The tone of voice adds further personality, playfully using messaging around open doors and opportunities.

As charities, EBPs work across the UK with schools providing Work Experience, Work-Related Learning, Enterprise Education and Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG) by connecting business and education and offering young people a rewarding and realistic introduction to work.

Previously INSPIRE’s core areas were in Hackney, Islington and Westminster, while 15 Billion worked across Newham, Redbridge and Barking & Dagenham.

The new identity has been created to encapsulate four core elements of the new organisation’s personality: Commitment to its work and cause; Caring, believing all young people deserve to be heard and supported; Collaborative, building partnerships and networks to help young people achieve their goals and Creative, innovating to meet the needs of young people as they arise.

This work was carried out pro bono with no cost involved for the charity. For the illustrations, WMH&I wrote out a competition for schools in London.

The ten best illustrations will be used by INSPIRE and the top two will get an internship at WMH&I.

Claude Barbé-Brown, Marketing Manager at INSPIRE said of the rebrand: “The rebrand has revitalised our charity at the perfect time as we embark on a new and ambitious path with our expanded team.

“WMH&I truly understood our mission, demonstrated their commitment to our shared values and has been instrumental in guiding us through this transformative journey.

“The new branding effectively conveys our purpose of “opening doors of opportunity” for young people in London.

“In addition to the visual identity, their agency culture has inspired us to be bold, unapologetic, and confident in promoting our work and its significance.”

Wybe Magermans at WMH&I said: “We are delighted to help INSPIRE create a new identity that reflects their mission and purpose – opening the door to opportunity for so many of London’s young people.

“We are also excited to join the INSPIRE’s Supporter’s Network and are looking at other ways to partner.”