‘Inside View’: Canon activates Rugby World Cup 2023 sponsorship


Canon is bringing its Rugby World Cup 2023 sponsorship to life in a new campaign featuring the Portuguese national team – photographed by the Portuguese national team.

Canon and the Rugby World Cup

Canon is the Official Imaging Supplier of Rugby World Cup 2023, marking the third tournament it has sponsored.

Its role is to make sure the fans don’t miss a second of the action, which it achieves by supplying a full range of support from its diverse businesses, including cameras, lenses, video camcorders and network cameras.

‘Inside View’, created in partnership with integrated marketing agency Wunderman Thompson, adds a new element to this role.

Its starting point is equipping Portugal’s players and support staff with Canon PowerShot V10 cameras – along with a platform to share their own stories about life in sport and life all around it, in their own words and through their lens.

While there will be over 400 accredited photographers at the tournament, they will have their cameras trained on the pitch.

By contrast, the players’ photography will show a different side to sport: in training, during down time, around family and friends.

They’ll show what happens when the subjects of stories become the authors themselves. T

o help tell those stories, Wunderman Thompson will receive a daily feed from the players themselves, curate them, and share them on Canon’s VIEW content platform.

The campaign launched 11 October, and run until 25 October. As well as being featured on VIEW, it will run across paid social, with ads running across Meta, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Cyprian Da Costa, Corporate Marketing Director EMEA for Canon Europe, said: “We wanted a campaign to support our sponsorship of Rugby World Cup 2023 and demonstrate our commitment to our brand purpose of “Imagining to transform our world”.

“Inside View provides a platform for players of the Portuguese national team to tell their stories – the highs and the lows of the Rugby World Cup – and in doing so change the way we see sport.”

San Sharma, Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson said: “Not only does this campaign activate on Canon’s Rugby World Cup sponsorship, it exposes more people to the brand’s commitment to inclusivity by empowering everyone to tell their own story through accessible technology.

‘Inside View’ is a great creative vehicle for that mission, and we’re excited to inspire others to be the authors of their own stories too.”