Innovid completes TVSquared acquisition

innovid acquires tvsquared

Innovid an independent connected TV (CTV) advertising delivery and measurement platform, has completed its previously announced acquisition of TVSquared.

The acquisition of the Edinburgh-based firm, which is an independent global measurement and attribution platform for converged TV, was reported by Mediashotz last month.

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The transaction unlocks a new independent currency-grade standard for cross-platform TV measurement, powered by the scale and automation of a global ad server.

 Combining Innovid’s expansive ad serving footprint of more than 95 million connected homes, with TVSquared’s TV measurement and attribution platform, inclusive of TV viewing and ad occurrence data across millions of households globally, creates an independent, single source of truth for advertisers.

“We believe the combination of independent global ad serving and cross-platform measurement sits at the heart of solving TV measurement’s biggest challenges,” said Zvika Netter CEO and Co-founder, Innovid. 

“We’ve spent over a decade building foundational ad delivery and personalisation technology to power TV across channels and devices. 

“Now, together with TVSquared by Innovid, we provide advertisers a complete view of the total TV and digital universe through a scalable, currency-grade measurement platform.”

With TVSquared, Innovid’s ad serving, creative personalisation, measurement and identity management capabilities now encompass real-time, cross-platform analysis, including measurement and outcomes such as reach, frequency and unique unduplicated reach, as well as performance metrics.

The combination of ad serving and cross-platform measurement enables the buy- and sell-sides to solve fragmentation by unlocking a complete picture of advertising and audiences across the linear TV, CTV and digital video marketplaces. 

Together, the combined solution will deliver:

  • Cross-Platform TV Measurement & Outcomes: Complete, cross-platform measurement and attribution – from reach, frequency and unique unduplicated reach, to offline and online outcomes – across devices and publishers, including walled gardens.
  • A Unified, Global Solution: Large-scale, independent platform for cross-channel ad delivery, creative personalization and measurement across the TV and digital universe.
  • Automation at Scale: Real-time, always-on analysis built on enterprise-grade software covering an unparalleled global footprint of impressions and conversions.