Innocean Berlin moves Hyundai ’On to better’ with new e-SUV campaign

hyundai e-suv campaign

Hyundai has been working with Innocean Berlin to create a bold campaign entitled ‘On to Better’, to promote its family of electrified SUVs across the EU. 

Innocean is a global creative agency originally set up to promote the Hyundai brand.

To promote its range of e-SUVs, the South-Korean car maker also teamed up with acclaimed director Sebastian Strasser and Oscar-winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren to create a campaign that shows what goes into the making of extraordinary.

Hyundai quest

In the film, Hyundai takes a deep dive into the life and mind of a car designer on his relentless quest for better. 

An endeavour that is all but a smooth ride and can only be achieved when one steps into the unknown, and challenges what’s possible. Or in the famous words of Chung Ju-yung, Hyundai’s founder: “Nothing is impossible if you break the mould”.

The brand shows the process of creating some of its most recent and cutting-edge models – the Kona Electric, the Santa-Fe Plug-in Hybrid, the Nexo Fuel Cell, and the all- new Tucson Hybrid – from early sketches, to intricate computer renders, to clay models, all the way to the finished cars.

This eye-catching journey blurs the lines between reality and imagination and counts with an original score by Berlin-based electronic musician Sascha Ring, and visual effects by The Mill (Berlin and London).

Multimedia including OOH

The campaign, shot in Berlin during the summer of 2020, is Hyundai Europe’s largest campaign to date and is currently running across the continent on TV, Social Media, print and OOH.

“The beauty of this campaign is that it captures the vision of Mr. Chung, the founder of Hyundai, while talking about a truly innovative range of products”, said Gabriel Mattar, European CCO, Innocean Berlin. 

“‘On to better’ represents everything the brand stands for since it was founded in the 70s up until this day. A relentless drive on the pursuit of excellence and constant improvement, through dedication and hard work. 

“In that sense, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Hyundai is the first automaker to offer a complete range of electrified SUVs. Our campaign is the living proof of that spirit”.