InMobi buys Quantcast Choice consent management platform


InMobi, a provider of content monetisation and marketing technologies that help businesses fuel growth, has announced the acquisition of Quantcast Choice, a consent management platform (CMP) designed to help publishers seamlessly align with the rapidly changing global privacy regulations.

This strategic acquisition reinforces InMobi’s commitment to bolstering its privacy management platform for mobile app and web publishers, empowering them to navigate the dynamic and intricate privacy landscape.

As privacy regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) evolved, CMPs have become critical for publishers to ensure compliance and maintain ad revenue.

The lack of a proven CMP often results in lost opportunities for publishers, as many of the leading demand partners require the use of a CMP that supports the latest privacy standards maintained by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Quantcast Choice

Quantcast Choice supports more than 500 Google-Certified, 800 IAB-approved vendors, and non-certified vendors specific to publishers’ needs.

This inclusive approach helps publishers increase monetisation, higher fill rates, and sometimes up to a 35% boost in eCPMs in certain regions. As part of the acquisition, InMobi will uphold the platform’s free availability for existing customers and remains committed to extending this promise to both existing and new customers.

“InMobi has always been at the forefront of building solutions that help brands and publishers alike navigate the complex global privacy landscape”, says Kunal Nagpal, Chief Business Officer, InMobi Advertising.

“This acquisition allows us to bring the power of a proven world-class CMP into the in-app ecosystem where the challenges remain enormous and unresolved”.

Peter Day, CTO, Quantcast, said: “Quantcast Choice is a gold standard for thousands of Web publishers; we are excited to build and extend its benefits to the 40,000 mobile apps that currently work with InMobi.”

“Quantcast Choice was born of our commitment to protecting consumer privacy and we’re proud of helping so many businesses meet the needs of an evolving regulatory landscape”.

“InMobi understands the needs of publishers and we’re delighted that this market leading CMP will continue to be available as a free solution.

“We remain committed to our customers and have formed a close partnership with InMobi to ensure a seamless transition.”

The addition of a reliable, scalable and versatile CMP aligns with InMobi’s commitment in delivering comprehensive publisher monetisation solutions.

InMobi plans to seamlessly integrate the CMP within its extensive publisher SDK offering, delivering improved data governance, easy consent management, and heightened privacy control, thereby ensuring full compliance with global privacy regulations and fostering trust with their audiences.

The transition of Quantcast Choice customers to InMobi’s offering is set to begin in the coming months, with the launch of the new publisher offering expected in the early fall.