InfoSum launches Private Path, claiming privacy-first breakthrough


InfoSum, a leading data collaboration platform, today announced the launch of Private Path.

Circana, Experian, ITV, NCSolutions, S&P Global Mobility, and Tesco Media & Insight Platform are among the first who are in the process of utilising this new data solution designed for a privacy-focussed era of measurement and data collaboration.

Private Path

Taking the existing power, privacy and connectivity of InfoSum’s data clean room, Private Path allows organisations to securely maximise the value of first-party data outside of the clean room environment.

By providing an alternative to traditional crosswalk processing, Private Path enables data, measurement and media partners to collaborate faster, safer and more cost-effectively.

Unlike legacy solutions that require data to be centralised, Private Path uses patented non-reversible synthetic identifiers that mean data never has to be shipped in hashed or even raw form.

This approach delivers granular measurement and data analysis at speed and scale for brands, media owners and agency partners while providing end-to-end privacy protection and greater control.

Organisations can now better measure campaign performance by connecting sales and exposure data without worrying about exposure or loss of competitive advantage.

For example, using Private Path, a retailer can partner with a media owner to create sales conversion measurement reports for its advertising clients.

By enabling data categories such as exposure and transaction data to be connected and analysed while prioritising privacy, the retailer and media owner can securely leverage their proprietary intelligence via InfoSum to maximise revenue, maintain privacy and improve advertising performance.

Where a common identifier is unavailable, Private Path can be used in conjunction with InfoSum’s Identity Bridge solution to boost match rates.

“With Private Path, InfoSum once again redefines how organisations collaborate using data”, said Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO at InfoSum. .

“Private Path brings all of InfoSum’s industry-leading privacy and security protections outside of the clean room environment, enabling organisations to use that connected intelligence for a wider array of use cases”.

“As well as creating opportunities for media owners and brands to make more from their first-party data, it also opens up a path for measurement providers to offer new and innovative services to their clients, empowering them to perform analysis of campaign performance at speed without any risk of exposing sensitive customer data.”

Amy Marentic, President of Global Solutions for Circana, said: “Circana’s audiences and frequent shopper transaction data have been available in the InfoSum platform for quite some time and allows users to quantify overlap within seconds.

“We are excited to further expand our engagement with InfoSum by entering a proof of concept for Private Path, which will enable our mutual clients to augment their first-party data with Circana’s robust transaction data, allow for activation and permit advertisers and their agencies to better understand and maximise performance of their campaigns across both traditional and emerging channels including streaming TV.”

Aimee Irwin, Chief Strategy Officer for Marketing Services at Experian, said: “The seamless integration of Experian’s identity graph within InfoSum’s Identity Bridge solution empowers brands and media owners to connect and resolve datasets and varied identifiers.

“The combination of Private Path and Identity Bridge further enables data connectivity and interoperability, extending the value and impact of first-party data across measurement, attribution, and enrichment strategies.

“Underpinned by Experian’s identity graph, brands can realise unprecedented match rates, while utilising collaboration technology that is rooted in respecting consumer privacy.”

Catherine Hallam, Head of Data Strategy at ITV, said: “The launch of Private Path is a key development for us to more efficiently deliver insights to brands around the positive impact of ITVX advertising on lower funnel conversion metrics.

“Testing Private Path with Tesco Media & Insights Platform has confirmed that this innovative solution will enable us to maximise the value from collaborating on ITV and transactional datasets in a privacy-compliant way for collective benefit.”