InfoSum, Canvas Worldwide partner to drive up first-party data use


InfoSum, the global data collaboration platform, today announced a partnership with one of the world’s largest independent media communications agencies, Canvas Worldwide, that will enable their clients to activate and enrich their first-party data.

The partnership gives Canvas Worldwide clients in the automotive, entertainment, QSR, real estate and technology categories the ability to re-invent their audience profiling, planning, measurement, and optimisation processes through secure data collaboration.

Canvas and InfoSum

Utilising InfoSum’s data clean room technology, Canvas Worldwide partner brands will be able to connect their own first-party data to second- and third-party data sources – including media owners, identity providers and measurement specialists – ultimately delivering richer, more actionable consumer insights.

This will allow Canvas Worldwide clients to better understand their audiences, enabling these brands to deliver personalised media experiences that connect emotionally with their target customers and build meaningful relationships with lasting loyalty.

As brands and agencies seek ways of targeting and measuring the impact of their campaigns in a privacy-first, cookieless world, InfoSum’s innovative controls, differential privacy techniques and patented non-movement of data approach, prioritises consumer privacy at every stage.

This means each stakeholder retains full control over their first-party data and consumer privacy is protected at all times.

“We continually look for partners whose commitment to client success, progressive solutions, privacy, and thoughtful data management match our own”, said Kevin McEvilly, SVP of Technology at Canvas Worldwide.

“InfoSum is that kind of partner and we look forward to introducing their privacy-first clean data technology to our clients”.

“Solutions that help address fragmented data sources, silos, and privacy concerns help clients and agencies get a much better view of their overall operational efficiency, customer behaviour, and market trends.

“This comprehensive insight not only facilitates informed decision-making but also empowers organisations to adapt quickly to dynamic environments, enhance collaboration, and ultimately achieve greater success in their objectives.”

Lauren Wetzel, COO at InfoSum, said: “InfoSum’s technology is revolutionising the way organisations collaborate to reach their marketing goals, while protecting consumer privacy and data integrity of each party,” .

“Brands and agencies can unlock enhanced customer insights and segment profiling capabilities in partnership with publishers and enrich their first-party data by connecting to second- and third-party data sources available on InfoSum’s platform.”