Incubeta reveals rebrand as digital growth partner

incubeta rebrand

Digital marketing group Incubeta today announced its new brand identity which unites its specialist teams under one Incubeta brand. 

The launch of the new positioning is aligned with Incubeta’s emphasis on helping businesses to upgrade their growth through creativity, collaboration and expertise. 

Incubeta said its rebrand reinforces its commitment to being true performance partners, helping businesses find the right opportunities to accelerate growth.

Incubeta rebrand

This vibrant new look represents the personality of the fun, diverse, bright and exciting team that make up the company. 

A team of more than 440 creators, thinkers, makers, and doers obsessed with finding creative ways to take businesses further, faster. 

The firm’s ‘Upgrade your Growth’ narrative  emphasises how the business will grow alongside its clients focusing on expanding its services and products across the entire customer journey, giving clients back control over their data, customers and actions. 

The global group, which has offices in London, Manchester and Belfast, has grown 20 fold over the past 7 years, offering fantastic growth opportunities for its people and helping its rising number of clients grow in a complex digital environment.

The unification of its specialisms will ensure Incubeta remains at the forefront of innovation to help businesses unlock the power of digital and amplify growth. 

Digital growth partner

It will also position the company as the new generation of digital growth partner – transparent, accountable and agile. 

Incubeta applies the technical, strategic and creative expertise to help businesses connect with customers, improve performance and extend reach – all in the service of growth.

“We are thrilled to unveil this new positioning representing the next chapter in our own growth story”, Lars Lehne, Group CEO of Incubeta commented. 

“Knocking down the silos of marketing and bringing our specialist teams together to build world-class solutions, helps our clients and partners deliver meaningful growth. 

“While the Incubeta family will have a different look, what won’t change is the quality of our services and commitment to delivering outstanding work.”

Incubeta was founded in 2011 when the company Interface made the reverse acquisition of IncuBeta Holdings. 

It now operates across 17 countries with offices in most major cities across the world.