Incubeta acquires marketplace expert Maze-One

Lars Lehne and Tim Van Der Bilt maze-one incubeta - mediashotz

Digital Marketing Group, Incubeta has acquired Amsterdam-based marketplace specialist, Maze-One. 

The acquisition of the company will provide Incubeta customers with end-to-end digital commerce support from a team of best-in-class experts with access to Amazon and other important marketplaces such as, Mano Mano and Zalando. 


Maze-One currently provides full-service marketplace management to customers including Marcel’s Green Soap, PlayStation, Dopper, Cloetta and Tony’s Chocolonely.

The acquisition introduces a strong relationship with Amazon to add to Incubeta’s 19-year partnership with Google. 

It also creates the opportunity for Incubeta’s customers to benefit from the in-depth knowledge of Amazon as an advertising platform and for Incubeta to incorporate knowledge of how such marketplaces are built and operated.

Incubeta, has united the creative powers of market-leading specialists in 15 countries to provide companies with digital marketing solutions that help them to upgrade their growth. 

Maze-One, with over 140 clients in eight countries, will bring 50 specialists to the 500+ strong Incubeta team.

Based in the Netherlands, Maze-One was founded in 2018 as the first full-service marketplace agency there and has grown rapidly. 

The company serves both vendors and sellers and besides Amazon, which represents 95% of its business, it supports other local and international marketplaces.

“With the explosive growth of digital commerce over the last 24 months across our client base, we have seen the need for Incubeta to support and enhance our offering to become an even more durable growth partner”, said Michael Ossendrijver, Chief Growth Officer and EMEA CEO, Incubeta. 

“The acquisition of ecommerce specialists Groundswell, combined with the retail expertise brought by Europe’s most highly-regarded marketplace specialist, Maze-One, means we can now offer our new and existing customers the most complete digital commerce capabilities”. 

“This is a valuable acquisition allowing us to gain additional control over the customer journey. We can now upgrade the growth of customers on the retail side. 

“This opens up a whole new world of services and products for our clients. It is also a testament to our continued expansion as we seek to provide the most innovative and complete offering to our clients,” said Lars Lehne, Group CEO, Incubeta (right, main picture).

“We had quite a few companies asking for our hand, but when we opened conversations with Incubeta we more or less immediately knew we had found the right home,” added Tim van der Bilt, Maze-One’s Founder and CEO (left, main picture). 

“By joining Incubeta, we are able to take our business to the next level and access world class digital marketing capabilities. 

“Our customers will benefit from the expertise that the team at Incubeta brings to the table.”

With a continued focus on growth, Incubeta acquired ecommerce experts, Groundswell in the UK in March. Incubeta already is home to a strong roster of clients including M&S, C&A, L’Oréal and Zalando.

Maze-One will be incorporated into the Incubeta brand and Tim van der Bilt will continue to lead the company as its CEO.

He reports to Incubeta’s Chief Growth Officer and EMEA CEO, Michael Ossendrijver.