INCRMNTAL Explorer measurement platform using ‘Causal AI’ launches


INCRMNTAL, the global incrementality measurement platform, has launched Explorer, a groundbreaking marketing attribution platform leveraging Causal AI.

Traditional attribution methods, like last-click attribution, have faltered due to the loss of user-level data with the depreciation of IDFA, Cookies, and GAID, which has left marketers with inaccurate performance reporting, the company said.

Some turned to media mix modeling (MMM), but found it lacking granularity for tactical operations. Others resorted to DIY incrementality experiments, often yielding inconclusive results. INCRMNTAL’s new platform addresses this gap with its innovative approach based on causal AI models.

Causal AI is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) designed to identify and understand the cause and effect of relationships across data.


Explorer provides continuous measurement of each marketing tactic without the need for experiments or A/B testing. This approach has garnered attention from academic researchers at leading universities in the United States and Israel.

The platform is the industry’s first to combine absolute and marginal value, aiding marketers in discerning channel performance and saturation points.

By optimising spending based on ROI insights, advertisers can make informed budget decisions.

INCRMNTAL’s algorithm ensures consistent measurement over time, analysing interactions across dimensions. Continuous measurement, paired with causal discovery, predicts outcomes without interventions.

The company’s mechanism calculates the true value of measured KPIs, encompassing marginal and absolute values, using fitted function mechanisms.

The new platform, which is already being used by large scale marketing organisations including Hopper, Binance, Self Financial, SEGA, AutoScout24, and Gameloft is available to all customers of INCRMNTAL.

It promises to:

  • Increase efficiency by understanding the true contribution of each advertising channel
  • Eliminating the dependency on last-click attribution, or any form of user tracking
  • Analysing the incremental contribution of each channel, platform, and country, without conducting any planned experiment
  • Measure performance across all channels including iOS, Android, Web, TV, CTV, Influencer marketing
  • Allow marketers to explore the prediction models rather than just trusting a “black box”
  • Measure the impact of external effects on marketing efforts

Maor Sadra, CEO at INCRMNTAL, said: “When we started INCRMNTAL we had a clear vision – to evolve marketing from counting clicks to measuring value.

“We wanted to provide advertisers with privacy-safe, accurate measurement across all channels, online and offline, without the need for experiments or user-level data. With this new innovation, I believe that we are achieving this.

“The feedback from our customers, some of the world’s most sophisticated advertisers, has been terrific.

“We are happy to continue being in the forefront of innovation exactly when the market needs it.”